Boerger Pumps

Rotary Lobe Pumps

With Borger’s two pump series BLUEline and ONIXline in 25 pump sizes (flow rates of 1 to 1,500 m³/h) as well as a large selection of equipment and additional parts, Borger builds rotary lobe pumps which are perfectly suited to every single application.

Mobile Pumps

Börger pumps are ideal for use as hand cart pumps, portable pumps, high-performance pumps installed on a trailer, tanker truck pumps or mobile PTO shaft pumps.

Macerating technology

Our three macerators macerate solids contained in liquids and thus protect the pump and systems technology.

Separation technology

The Bioselect separates solid from liquid parts in solid-laden fluids.

Liquid feeding technology

The Powerfeed feeds biomass into a biogas plant safely and without odors via a liquid flow.

Agitator technology

The B-MX submersible mixer made of stainless steel efficiently agitates and homogenizes stored liquids and prevents the formation of floating layers.