Cleveland Gear Products

Modular Gear Products

M Series – Worm Gear Drives

  • Hobbed Gears — no other method provides the accuracy and repeatability of hobbing.
  • Precision Ground Worms — efficiency and dependability are increased by precise, skilled craftsmanship, and superior quality control.
  • Conservative Bearing Ratings — Bearing ratings exceed industry standards increasing durability.
  • Generously Proportioned Shafts — Increased shaft diameter provides accurate and reliable support.
  • Heavy Duty Housings — Rigid housings protect gear sets under load, increasing longevity.

Modular Speed Reducers
Center distances from 1.35″ to 5.25″

Single reduction from 5:1 to
100:1 — up to 16 hp; up to 4608 in-lbs ouput torque

Double reduction from 38:1 to 3600:1

WG Series – Worm Gear Drives

  • Integral Worm and Input Shaft — Precision cut, induction hardened, and precision ground for smooth operation and long life cycle.
  • Four Bearing Design Standard — Maintains proper gear mesh and alignment (except some hollow shaft sizes).
  • Alloy Bronze Gear — Chill cast bronze for increases strength and durability.
  • Internally Cast Chevron — On sidewalls of Worm Top styles to direct oil to bearings, improving bearing lubrication and seal life.
  • Cast Iron Housing Body— Resists corrosion.  The one-piece case is strong and compact.
  • Painted Housing Interior — Seals against corrosion, prevents contamination from casting.

WG Series Speed Reducers

  • Center Distances from 40mm to 225mm
  • Single reduction from 5:1 to 70:1 – fractional HP up to 50 HP.
  • Output Torque – 200 in-lbs to 52,000 in-lbs.
  • Double Reduction from 50:1 to 3600:1

RM Series – Helical Ratio Multipliers



  • Five Ratios Available — 1.5:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, and 5:1.
  • Rugged Cast Iron Housings — Strong and compact.
  • Helical Surface Hardened and Finished Steel Gears — Increases strength and durability
  • Used with M and WG Series Worm Gear Units — Creates double reduction helical-worm reducers from stock
  • Supplied Without Oil as Standard— Oil filled upon request.

RM Helical Ratio Multipliers

  • Ratios from1.5:1 to 5:1
  • Up to 14.21 hp and 1077 in-lbs output torque.
  • NEMA input flanges and NEMA C-face output adaptors

Larger Core Enclosed Drive Products

Millenium Series -Worm Gear Drives


  • Bronze Gear Rims 
    • PCentrifugally cast to ensure increased resistance to wear and fatigue pitting for maximum efficiency.
    • Fusion Cast composite gear/hub designs
  • Flame Hardened Worms
    • Provide maximum thread strength and resistance to wear without sacrificing advantages of a medium hard.
    • Precision ground threads to optimize power transmission capability.
  • Rugged Housings 
    • Quality cast iron provides maximum strength and heat dissipation while maintaining accurate gear alignment.
    • Fabricated Steel where require to meet operational requirements.
  • Large Gear Shaft Diameters
    • Designed to withstand higher torsional and overhung loads.
  • Generously Sized Bearings
    • Provide greater rigidity to accomodate radial, thrust, and overhung trails.

Millenium Worm Gear Speed Reducers

  • Center Distances from 5″ to 12″
  • Ratios from 5:1 to 60:1.
  • Input Horsepower from 3.4-211 HP.
  • Output Torque from 5,500 – 158,000 in-lb
  • Available in solid and hollow output shaft arrangements.
  • Horizontal and Vertical mounting Feet available.

Millenium Gear Drives

  • Basic Units Available for Quick Delivery
    • Type 11 & 15 – Solid Output Shafts
    • Type 12 & 16 – Hollowoutput shafts.
  • Ratios from 5:1 to 60:1.

AF & RF Series – Worm Gear Drives


  • Fan Cooling — Fan size and design permit a smooth, effective flow of air beneath, above, and around all sides of the reducer.
  • Rugged Finned Housings — Housings of higher quality cast iron are ribbed for maximum strength and heat dissipation.
  • Increased Oil Capacity — A built-in lubrication system decreases oxidation rate and increases lubricant life.
  • Centrifugally Cast Bronze Gears — Ensure increased resistance to wear and fatigue pitting.
  • Flamatic-Hardened Worms — Maximum thread stregth and resistance to wear.
  • Large Gear Shaft Diameters — Withstand torsional and overhung loads.
  • Generously Size Bearings — Provide greater rigidity to accommodate radial, thrust, and overhung loads.

Single Worm Reducers

  • 3″ to 12″ Center Distances.
  • Ratios from 3-1/9:1 to 95:1.
  • Up to 170 input horsepower.

Helical Worm

  • 4″ to 12″ Center Distances.
  • Ratios from 32:1 to 394:1.
  • Up to 60 input horsepower.
  • Output torque up to 145,000 in-lb.

Double Worm

  • Ratios from 25:1 to 6650:1.
  • Output Torque up to 145,000.
  • Center distancecombinations 3″ to 6″ primary reducer and 3″ to 12″ secondary reduce.

..3″ to 12″ C.D. Worm Gear Drives

Available Models
AF – Worm Under Configuration
RF – Worm Over Configuration
UF – Veritcally Up Output Shaft Configuration
DF – Vertically Down Output Shaft Configuration

Helical Worm:

HAF – Standard Worm Under Horizontal Output Shaft Configuration
HUF – Vertically Up Output Shaft Configuration
HDF – Vertically Down Output Shaft Configuration

Double Worm:

RFA – Standard Double Worm Horizontal Output Shaft Configuration
RFU – Vertically Up Output Shaft Configuration
RFD – Vertically Down Output Shaft Configuration.

Helical Enclosed Drive Products

Helical Shaft Mounts and Screw Conveyor Drives

  • Helical Gearing — Carburized, case hardened, and ground.
  • Alloy Steel Shafts — Hardened and ground gear seats and bearing/seal journals maximize durability and extend operating life.
  • Double Lip Spring Loaded Shaft Seals — Prevent oil leakage in harsh operating environments.
  • Oversized Bearings — Ensure long and reliable service life in severe duty applications.
  • High Strength Cast Iron Housings — Precision machined to provice maximum support for all shafts. Drilled to accept mounting adapter for screw conveyor applications (sizes 2-6)
…Available in sizes 2-9

Belt Conveyor Shaft Mount Reducer

  • 15:1 and 25:1 Gear Reducers
  • Drop-in for TXT type shaft mount reducer
  • Input hp from 1/3 to 125.

Screw Conveyor Reducer


  • 15:1 and 25:1 Gear Reducers
  • Input hp from 1/3 to 125.
  • Output Shafts and Screw Adapter Conveyor Kits available.
  • CEMA Output Shafts designed to mount CGUSM tapered/cluindrical bore


Parallel Shaft Drives

Cleveland Gear designs high quality custom enclosed drives and dimensional replacement gear drives for a wide variety of industrial applications. Leveraging our comprehensive design capabilities and decades of experience, we have produced drives with the following features:

– Single and multiple speed drives in single to quadruple reductions
– Helical, bevel, spur, planetary or worm gear designs
– From 10 to 10,000 horsepower
– Up to 4.5 Million inch pounds of output torque
– Through hardened or case hardened and ground helical gearing rated to AGMA 6013-A06
– Dimensional replacements for existing drives – Horizontal or vertically offset designs

We have designed and produced custom gear drives for industries as varied as:

– Steel production and processing
– Rubber production
– Mineral processing
– Movable bridges
– Material handling
– Overhead cranes

Cleveland Gear Custom Enclosed Drives feature:

Anti-friction rolling element bearings selected to provide specified L-10 life and accept an application’s external loads

Heavy duty fabricated steel housing with internal bearing support pedestals where necessary

Lubrication systems: internal splash lubrication or shaft/motor driven pump systems; air/oil or water/oil heat exchangers where required; oil filters; teleflow indicators; sight feed oilers when specified

Our Dimensionally Interchangeable Replacement Drives feature:


Designs to meet all critical mounting dimensions of existing drives

Redesigned gearing to provide additional power transmission capability

Revised gear ratios to accommodate new process requirements

Redesigned bearing arrangements to provide equal or higher life expectancy at the higher power ratings and speeds