Delta DVP-ES2/EX2 Series

Delta DVP-ES2/EX2 Series

Delta DVP-ES2-EX2 Series

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Delta Standard Sequential Control MPU / Integrated Analog I/O MPU DVP-ES2/EX2 Series


ES2 series is a small PLC for basic sequential control. It is economical, highly efficient and functional.


MPU points: 16 / 20 / 24 / 32 / 40 / 60
Program capacity: 16k steps
Built-in with 3 COM ports: 1 RS-232 port and 2 RS-485 ports, all are able to operate independently (Master/Slave)
Max. I/O points: 256 input points + 16 output points, or 256 output points + 16 input points
DVP-EX2 MPU is built in with 12-bit 4AD/2DA and offers analog/temperature modules of 14-bit resolution.
Built-in with 8 high-speed input points (2 points for 100kHz, 6 points for 10kHz) and supports U/D, U/D Dir, A/B counting modes
New motion control instructions: Close loop control, alignment mark, shield, immediate variable speed, S-Curve acceleration/deceleration
Application in emerging industry: Exclusive instructions and function blocks designed for PV solar tracker
Handy instructions for frequency inverter: For controlling the forward running, reverse running, RUN and STOP of Delta’s AC motor drives
Password protection: Password for subroutine, user ID, restriction on trial times
Highly efficient instruction efficient instruction execution


HVAC, molding injection machine, big storage management, packaging machine, precise textile machine, logistic system

Delta DVP16ES200R
Delta DVP16ES200T
Delta DVP24ES200R
Delta DVP24ES200T
Delta DVP32ES200R
Delta DVP32ES200T
Delta DVP40ES200R
Delta DVP40ES200T
Delta DVP60ES200R
Delta DVP60ES200T
Delta DVP20EX200R
Delta DVP20EX200T
Delta DVP08XM211N
Delta DVP08XN211R
Delta DVP08XN211T
Delta DVP08XP211R
Delta DVP08XP211T
Delta DVP16XM211N
Delta DVP16XN211R
Delta DVP16XN211T
Delta DVP16XP211R
Delta DVP16XP211T
Delta DVP24XN200R
Delta DVP24XN200T
Delta DVP24XP200R
Delta DVP24XP200T
Delta DVP32XP200R
Delta DVP32XP200T
Delta DVP02DA-E2
Delta DVP04AD-E2
Delta DVP04DA-E2
Delta DVP06XA-E2
Delta DVP04PT-E2
Delta DVP04TC-E2


Manual DVP-ES2_MUL_20110412  DVP-EX_I_MUL_20110815

Catalog DVP-ES2_C_EN_20100105

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