Delta DVP-SX2 Series

Delta DVP-SX2 Series

Delta DVP-SX2 Series

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Delta DVP-SX2 Series Second Generation Slim Analog I/O MPU


The 2nd generation DVP-SX2 series slim type PLC offers 14 digital points and built-in 12-bit analog I/O points. It is extendable with DVP-S series left-side and right-side extension modules.


MPU points: 20 (8DI/6DO, 4AI/2AO)
Max. I/O points: 494 (14 + 480)
Program capacity: 16k steps
COM port: Built-in RS-232, RS-485 & USB ports, compatible with ASCII/RTU protocol. Can be master or slave.
High-Speed Pulse Output: Supports 2 points (Y0, Y2) of 100kHz and 2 points (Y1, Y3) of 10kHz independent high-speed pulse output.
Built-in High-Speed Counters

*Refers to the max. counting range for a single counter.
Built-in Analog I/O


Used for PID temperature/humidity control, 2-axis AC motor drive constant speed control, temperature control using a analog signal monitoring of a whole factory. (PLC EASY LINK)


Manual DVP-SX21_MUL_20110412

Catalog Delta_DVP_C_EN_20120606_main

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