Delta Elevator Door BLDCM Motors

Delta Elevator Door BLDCM Motors

Delta Elevator Door BLDCM Motors

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Delta Elevator Door BLDCM Motors & Drives


Brushless DC Motors and Drives (BLDCM) is a kind of 3-phase induction synchronous motor of permanent magnets with brushless structure. It is compact size and light weight. By adopting electronic commutator, it makes lower mechanical/electrical noise and no high temperature and dust caused by friction. In addition, it won’t produce rotor loss due to low inertia of rotor and high-speed operation. Therefore, it saves energy during heavy-load operation and is higher performance than traditional motor. For the BLDC with new technology, it has high-torque output at low speed and self-protection for over-heat, over-current, phase loss and leakage current.


Power range:250W
Speed range:600rpm
Square-wave PWM control mode, feedback signal of Hall sensor
Low temperature rise, high efficiency and energy saving
Compact size, space saving and easy installation
Easy maintenance, low noise and electromagnetic interference
Constant output torque for easy control
Its high efficiency is greater than the induction motor


Elevator door, carriage door and automatic door


Delta IBLM-User-Manual

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