Delta HES Series – Hybrid Energy System

Delta HES Series – Hybrid Energy System

Delta HES Series - Hybrid Energy System

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Delta’s Hybrid Energy Saving (HES) System:

provides precise pressure and flow controls for each injection molding process and also solves the energy waste issues of a traditional injection molding machine. This solution helps to improve product quality, market competitiveness and productivity.

  • Superior Energy-Saving Outcomes: Lower energy consumption rate at the clamping and cooling stage while providing high productivity and high precision.
  • 40% less energy consumption compared to a variable pump hydraulic systems.
  • 60% less energy consumption compared to a traditional quantitative pump hydraulic system.
  • Low Oil Temperature: Oil temperature reduced by 5~10 oC; oil usage reduced by 50~60%; requires 50% less oil tank volume; lower cooler specifications required and for some cases cooler is not required.
  • High Duplication Accuracy: Precise flow and pressure control featuring duplication of products with less than 0.09% difference.
  • Long Holding pressure: Keeps mold halves securely closed for a longer period for thick plastic products formation.
  • Good Frequency Response: When uses Delta HES with permanent magnetic servo motor (PMSM) speeds up frequency response to 50ms.
  • Suitable for Harsh Environments: The resolver used in Delta HES is resistant to earthquakes, oil and dust.
  • Old Machine Replenishment: Supports analog command 0~10V and linear correction (3 points), no replacing
  • Flow Convergence: Saves cost on tubes, large flow capacity, enhances energy-saving.
Item #HPVoltsPhaseAmps
Delta HES063H23A230V3PH
Delta HES080G23A230V3PH
Delta HES080H23A230V3PH
Delta HES100G23A230V3PH
Delta HES100H23A230V3PH
Delta HES100Z23A230V3PH
Delta HES125G23A230V3PH
Delta HES125H23A230V3PH
Delta HES160G23A230V3PH
Delta HES063G43A460V3PH
Delta HES063H43A460V3PH
Delta HES080G43A460V3PH
Delta HES080H43A460V3PH
Delta HES100G43A460V3PH
Delta HES100H43A460V3PH
Delta HES100Z43A460V3PH
Delta HES125G43A460V3PH
Delta HES125H43A460V3PH
Delta HES160G43A460V3PH
Delta HES160H43A460V3PH
Delta HES200G43A460V3PH

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