Delta HMC08-N500S52 Human Machine Interface

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Delta HMC08-N500S52 Human Machine Interface


8-inch (800 x 600 pixels) TFT LCD 65536 colors
3 sets of COM ports, supports RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485
Built-in PLC functions
Supports Ethernet
Supports SDHC card
Supports DMCNET
Supports MPG (Manual Pulse Generator) input
RS-422 high-speed remote I/O connection
Complies with IP65 standard
PC editing software, DOPSoft is compatible with operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

HMC Series

The HMC Series is a new and advanced human machine interface which has additional built-in PLC functions for sequence control. To make high precision control and high level performance possible, the HMC Series is equipped with two high-speed CPUs which ensure the execution efficiency and the performance of the system when running large and complicated PLC programs. Using Delta’s DMCNET high speed and real time communication bus, the HMC Series is capable of connecting to the ASDA Series servo drives to provide high-performance synchronous motion control to meet the demanding requirements of high speed movement and high precision positioning.


Delta_HMC_C_EN_20130718 Catalogue

Delta_HMC08_Q_MUL_20121119 Instruction Manual