Delta PCI-DMC-A01 Motion Control Card

Delta PCI-DMC-A01 Motion Control Card

Delta PCI-DMC-A01 Motion Control Card

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Delta Motion Control Card PCI-DMC-A01


High Integrated Capability
With DMCNET structure, multiple control devices such as servo motors, remote digital and analog modules, stepping motors, direct drive motors (DD motors), and linear motors can be easily and quickly connected.
Up to 20Mbps communication bandwidth is provided. Maximum distance of the communication is 30m (98.4ft.)

Synchronous Control
Simultaneous 3-axis linear interpolation, 2-axis arc interpolation, 3-axis helical interpolation and continuous interpolation can be implemented.
DMCNET is a motion control communication network which is able to update data every 1ms and offer the ability to control 12 servo system units or 4 groups, 3-axis interpolation algorithms synchronously. It is also capable of transferring the data of 12 servo motor units, or 768 digital inputs and outputs within 1ms simultaneously.

Network Redundancy Function
Time slot for synchronous control is provided. Master-Slave handshaking function is no more required so that the system can avoid ineffective communication and ensure the stability of data transmission when interference occurs.
High-end network redundancy function is provided. There are two kinds of cyclic redundancy check (CRC) codes for two different connections. Communication errors seldom occur.

Capture (Position Latch) and Compare (Position Detection) Functions
With the aid of ASDA-A2 series servo system units, the Capture and Compare functions can be applied to latch and detect a reference position which could be the signal of main encoder, linear encoder, or pulse train.
The DI7 is the only one high speed digital input in ASDA- A2 series servo system units. It takes only 0.5 µs to admit the signal changed. This DI is obligated to use to do Capture job.


Supports Delta ASDA-A2-F series AC servo drives
35 kinds of homing modes
T-curve / S-curve velocity profiles
Linear, circular and continuous interpolation supported
Supports VB, VC, BCB, DELPHI, C#, VB.NET tool languages
PCI Specifications Ver.2.2, supports 32-bit, 3.2V/5VDC operation
Complies with noise ordinances
Operating Temperature: 0oC~50oC; Storage Temperature: -20oC~70oC; Humidity: 5~95% (non-condensing)


Electronic components, printing machines, woodworking machines, discharge machines, adhesive machines, tube bending machines


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