Delta ROE-C Series Rotary Optical Encoders

Delta ROE-C Series Rotary Optical Encoders

Delta ROE-C Series Rotary Optical Encoders

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Delta Rotary Optical Encoder ROE-C Series


To meet the use requirements of encoder for CNC industry, Delta has launched a new encoder product specialized for CNC Machine Tool– CS7 series. For the solution of high resonance and much oil & gas problem occurred in machine tool application, CS7 series not only have the new mechanical design, but also provide high standard electric specifications. The corresponding rotation speed of CS7 series can achieve 8000rpm, and the response frequency of output signal can also reach 300kHZ. This new series product can satisfy the needs of all kinds of CNC machine tools


CS Series: Outer Diameter of Solid Shaft: 70mm
Resolution: 1024ppr
Output Form: Line Driver
Power Voltage Range: 7-24V
Responsiveness: 300kHz max.
IP degree: IP55 & 70°C


CNC Machine Tool


Delta Roe-User-Manual

Delta ROE-Catelog

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