Delta ROE-M Series Rotary Optical Encoders

Delta ROE-M Series Rotary Optical Encoders

Delta ROE-M Series Rotary Optical Encoders

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Delta Rotary Optical Encoder ROE-M Series


ROE-M Series is a commutation encoder which is designed for servo motor. It can not only output the signals of A,B, Z phase but also can detect the U, V, W signals of servo motor for commutation. There are 4, 6, 8, and 10 pairs of magnetic poles for user’s selection.

MH(Hollow Shaft)
MT(Through Hole Shaft)


MH Series: Outer Diameter of Hollow Shaft: 38.7mm
MT Series: Outer Diameter of Through Hole Shaft: 38.7mm
Resolution: 2500ppr
Output Form: Line Driver
Power Voltage Range: 5-12V
Responsiveness: 300kHz max


Label Printing Machine, Detecting Machine, Elevator, Auto Bottling Machine, Fixed Length Cutting Machine, Elevator Door.


Delta Roe-User-Manual

Delta ROE-Catelog

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