Delta VFD-B AC Drives

Delta no longer considers this series to be core product.
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Delta VFD-B AC Drives

Delta VFD-B AC Drive

The Delta VFD-B series is a general purpose NEMA 1 drive and offers V/F, Sensorless Vector and Closed Loop Vector control. With its Constant Torque rating and 0-2000Hz output, the VFD-B is designed to handle most conventional drive applications found in the industrial manufacturing industry. The VFD-B series drives are used in many applications including: HVAC, Compressor, Crane Gantry, Elevator, Escalator, Material Handling, Water/Wastewater, and Woodworking to name a few.




  • Output frequency 0.1 ~ 400 Hz
  • Adjustable V/f curve and vector control
  • Master/Auxiliary and 1st / 2nd frequency source selectable
  • 16-step speed control and 15-step preset speed process control
  • Built-in PID feedback control
  • Auto torque boost & slip compensation
  • Built-in MODBUS communication, baud rate up to 38400 bps
  • Support communication module (DN-02, LN-01, PD-01)


  • Air Conditioners for Large Buildings
  • Woodcarving Machine
  • Punching Machine
  • Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Crane Drive and Swivel
  • Washing Machine
  • Vertical Stamping Machines
  • Compressor
  • Elevator
  • Escalator
  • Circular Loom
  • Flat Knitting Machine
  • Pasta Machine
  • Four-Sided Woodworking Planer, etc.

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Part Numbers for the Delta VFD-B AC Drives

Item #HPVoltsPhaseAmps
Delta VFD007B23A1HP230V3PH5.0A
Delta VFD007B23A-31HP230V3PH5A
Delta VFD007B21A1HP230V3PH5A
Delta VFD007B21A-31HP230V3PH5A
Delta VFD300B43P1HP460V3PH60A
Delta VFD015B21A2HP230V3PH7.0A
Delta VFD015B21A-32HP230V3PH7.0A
Delta VFD015B21A-Z2HP230V3PH7.0A
Delta VFD015B23A2HP230V3PH7.0A
Delta VFD015B23A-32HP230V3PH4.2A
Delta VFD015B21B2HP230V3PH4.2A
Delta VFD015B23B2HP230V3PH4.2A
Delta VFD022B23B3HP230V3PH5.5A
Delta VFD022B23B-33HP230V3PH5.5A
Delta VFD022B21A-33HP230V3PH11A
Delta VFD022B21A3HP230V3PH11A
Delta VFD022B21B3HP230V3PH11A
Delta VFD037B23A5HP230V3PH17A
Delta VFD037B23A-35HP230V3PH17A
Delta VFD037B23B5HP230V3PH17A
Delta VFD037B23B-15HP230V3PH17A
Delta VFD055B23A7.5HP230V3PH25A
Delta VFD055B23A-37.5HP230V3PH25A
Delta VDF075B23A10HP230V3PH33A
Delta VFD075B23A-210HP230V3PH33A
Delta VFD075B23A-310HP230V3PH33A
Delta VFD110B23A15HP230V3PH49A
Delta VFD110B23A-315HP230V3PH49A
Delta VFD150B23A20HP230V3PH65A
Delta VFD150B23A-320HP230V3PH65A
Delta VFD185B23A25HP230V3PH75A
Delta VFD185B23A-325HP230V3PH75A
Delta VFD220B23A30HP230V3PH90A
Delta VFD220B23A-330HP230V3PH90A
Delta VFD300B23A40HP230V3PH120A
Delta VFD370B23A50HP230V3PH145A
460V 3-Phase Input/ 3-Phase Output
Delta VFD007B43A1HP460V3PH2.7A
Delta VFD007B43A-31HP460V3PH2.7A
Delta VFD015B43A2HP460V3PH4.2A
Delta VFD015B43A-32HP460V3PH3.5A
Delta VFD015B43A-Z2HP460V3PH4.2A
Delta VFD022B43B3HP460V3PH5.5A
Delta VFD022B43B-33HP460V3PH5.5A
Delta VFD037B43A5HP460V3PH8.5A
Delta VFD037B43A-35HP460V3PH8.5A
Delta VFD037B43B5HP460V3PH8.5A
Delta VFD037B43B-15HP460V3PH8.5A
Delta VFD055B43A7.5HP460V3PH13A
Delta VFD055B43A-37.5HP460V3PH13A
Delta VFD055B43J7.5HP460V3PH13A
Delta VFD075B43A10HP460V3PH18A
Delta VFD075B43A-310HP460V3PH18A
Delta VFD075B43J10HP460V3PH18A
Delta VFD110B43A15HP460V3PH24A
Delta VFD110B43A-315HP460V3PH24A
Delta VFD110B43J15HP460V3PH24A
Delta VFD150B43A20HP460V3PH32A
Delta VFD150B43A-320HP460V3PH32A
Delta VFD150B43J20HP460V3PH32A
Delta VFD185B43A25HP460V3PH38A
Delta VFD185B43A-325HP460V3PH38A
Delta VFD185B43J25HP460V3PH38A
Delta VFD185B43P25HP460V3PH38A
Delta VFD220B43A30HP460V3PH45A
Delta VFD220B43A-330HP460V3PH45A
Delta VFD220B43P30HP460V3PH45A
Delta VFD220B43J30HP460V3PH45A
Delta VFD300B43A40HP460V3PH60A
Delta VFD300B43A-140HP460V3PH60A
Delta VFD300B43A-340HP460V3PH60A
Delta VFD300B23A-340HP460V3PH120A
Delta VFD370B43A50HP460V3PH73A
Delta VFD450B43A60HP460V3PH91A
Delta VFD550B43C75HP460V3PH110A
Delta VFD750B43A100HP460V3PH150A
Delta VFD750B43C100HP460V3PH150A
575V 3-Phase Input/ 3-Phase Output
Delta VFD007B53A1HP575V3PH1.7A
Delta VFD015B53A2HP575V3PH3.5A
Delta VFD022B53A3HP575V3PH4.5A
Delta VFD037B53A5HP575V3PH7.5A
Delta VFD055B53A7.5HP575V3PH10A
Delta VFD075B53A10HP575V3PH18A
Delta VFD110B53A15HP575V3PH19A
Delta VFD150B53A20HP575V3PH22A
Delta VFD185B53A25HP575V3PH27A
Delta VFD220B53A30HP575V3PH34A
Delta VFD300B53A40HP575V3PH60A
Delta VFD370B53A50HP575V3PH52A
Delta VFD450B53A60HP575V3PH62A
Delta VFD550B53A75HP575V3PH80A
Delta VFD550B43A75HP460V3PH110A
Delta VFD750B53A100HP575V3PH100A