Delta VFD-CP2000 AC Drives

Delta no longer considers this series to be core product.
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Delta VFD-CP2000 AC Drives

Delta VFD-CP2000 AC Drives

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Delta’s Sensorless Vector Control Drive CP2000 Series has extended the idea of energy saving and uses this principal as the basis of its design. The CP2000 is specifically designed for applications such as air blowers, pumps and HVAC drives with its intelligent PID control providing the greatest efficiency. The Sensorless Vector Control (SVC) offers timely response to load torque increase/decrease which satisfies customer requirements for load changes while enhancing motor performance. A 3-step V/F curve response is used in the variable torque environment to adequately adjust the input voltage and attain the greatest overall performance; this function is especially helpful in pumps and fans applications. It also includes additional functions for operation and protection in variable load environments, such as flying starts, auto-acceleration/deceleration, momentary power loss restarts, auto-tuning, and more. The CP2000 series provides you with the ultimate energy-saving solution for your applications.

High performance Variable Drive Technology
Controllable Bandwidth up to 600 Hz
Dual Rating Design (Light Duty & Normal Duty)
Excellent Permanent (constant) Torque Control and High Start Torque Control.

Modular Design
Hot-plugging Digital Keypad
I/O Extension Cards
Various PG (encoder) Feedback Cards
Network Cards for Fieldbus Modules
Removable fan

Versatile Driving Control
Built-in Safe Parking Function
Built-in Programmable Logic Control
Built-in Brake Unit
Networking Drive System
Modularized Auto Energy Saving Design

Environmental Adaptability
50°C Operation Temperature
Built-in DC Reactor
Coated Circuit Boards
RFI Filter
Global Safety Standards (CE/UL/cUL)

Delta VFD-CP2000 AC Drives

With a built-in 10K steps Delta PLC allows user to execute distributional control and independent control when connecting to a network system. Delta CP2000 series drives provide you the intelligent control possibility beyond your imagination.
The calendar function allows user to program the PLC procedure, the ON/OFF in chronological order, the daylight saving time and etc.

  • A wide range of models (0.75~400KW) to fulfill the demands of different industries.
  • The modularized design eases the maintenance and expansion.
  • High speed communication interfaces with MODBUS protocol and BACnet protocol built in. Diverse communication methods to satisfy clients needs on multi-controls. So the following options are available for you: the ProfiBUS-DP, the DeviceNet, the MODBUS TCP, the Ethernet-IP and the CANopen Cards.
  • Long-life design and self diagnosis for key components.
  • Special PCB coating design (Printed Circuit Board) for enhancing environmental tolerance.
  • Complied with global safety standards: CE, UL and cUL
  • Standard LCD model (IP20/NEMA1) with built-in PLC to support up to 10K steps
  • Excellent heat-sink design. Able to operate at 50°C ambient temperature and to adjust automatically rated output value to make the AC drive to work continuously.
  • Run fire mode while emergency to have uninterrupted smoke releasing and pressure adding Multi pumps control at fixed amount, fixed time circulating control. Able to control 8 pumps at the same time.

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230V 3-Phase Input/ 3-Phase Output
Item #HPVoltsPhaseAmpsKWEMI Filter
Delta VFD007CP23A-21.5HP230V3PH4.6AVT
Delta VFD015CP23A-211HP230V3PH5AVT
Delta VFD022CP23A-212HP230V3PH8AVT
Delta VFD037CP23A-213HP230V3PH11AVT
Delta VFD055CP23A-215HP230V3PH17AVT
Delta VFD075CP23A-217.5HP230V3PH25AVT
Delta VFD110CP23A-2110HP230V3PH33AVT
Delta VFD150CP23A-2115HP230V3PH49AVT
Delta VFD185CP23A-2120HP230V3PH65AVT
Delta VFD220CP23A-2125HP230V3PH75AVT
Delta VFD300CP23A-2130HP230V3PH90AVT
Delta VFD370CP23A-0040HP230V3PH120AVT
Delta VFD370CP23A-2140HP230V3PH120AVT
Delta VFD450CP23A-0050HP230V3PH146AVT
Delta VFD450CP23A-2150HP230V3PH146AVT
Delta VFD550CP23A-0060HP230V3PH180AVT
Delta VFD550CP23A-2160HP230V3PH180AVT
Delta VFD750CP23A-0075HP230V3PH215AVT
Delta VFD750CP23A-2175HP230V3PH215AVT
Delta VFD900CP23A-00100HP230V3PH255AVT
Delta VFD900CP23A-21100HP230V3PH255AVT
460V 3-Phase Input/ 3-Phase Output
Item #HPVoltsPhaseAmpsKWEMI Filter
Delta VFD007CP43A-21.5HP460V3PH2.8AVT
Delta VFD015CP43A-211HP460V3PH3AVT
Delta VFD022CP43A-212HP460V3PH4AVT
Delta VFD037CP43A-213HP460V3PH6AVT
Delta VFD040CP43A-215HP460V3PH 9AVT
Delta VFD055CP43A-215HP460V3PH 10.5AVT
Delta VFD075CP43A-217.5HP460V3PH 12AVT
Delta VFD110CP43A-2110HP460V3PH 18AVT
Delta VFD150CP43A-2115HP460V3PH 24AVT
Delta VFD185CP43A-2120HP460V3PH 32AVT
Delta VFD220CP43A-2125HP460V3PH 38AVT
Delta VFD300CP43A-2130HP460V3PH45AVT
Delta VFD370CP43A-2140HP460V3PH60AVT
Delta VFD450CP43A-0050HP460V3PH73AVT
Delta VFD450CP43A-2150HP460V3PH73AVT
Delta VFD550CP43A-0060HP460V3PH 91AVT
Delta VFD750CP43A-0075HP460V3PH110AVT
Delta VFD900CP43A-00100HP460V3PH150AVT
Delta VFD1100CP43A-00125HP460V3PH180AVT
Delta VFD1100CP43A-21125HP460V3PH180AVT
Delta VFD1320CP43A-00150HP460V3PH220AVT
Delta VFD1320CP43A-21150HP460V3PH220AVT
Delta VFD1600CP43A-00175HP460V3PH200AVT
Delta VFD1600CP43A-21175HP460V3PH200AVT
Delta VFD1850CP43A-00174HP460V3PH310AVT
Delta VFD1850CP43A-21215HP460V3PH310AVT
Delta VFD2200CP43A-00250HP460V3PH370AVT
Delta VFD2200CP43A-21250HP460V3PH370AVT
Delta VFD2800CP43A-00300HP460V3PH460AVT
Delta VFD2800CP43A-21300HP460V3PH460AVT
Delta VFD3150CP43A-00375HP460V3PH550AVT
Delta VFD3150CP43C-21375HP460V3PH550AVT
Delta VFD3150CP43C-00375HP460V3PH550AVT
Delta VFD3550CP43C-00425HP460V3PH616AVT
Delta VFD3550CP43A-00425HP460V3PH616AVT
Delta VFD3550CP43C-21425HP460V3PH616AVT
Delta VFD4000CP43A-00475HP460V3PH683AVT
Delta VFD4000CP43C-00475HP460V3PH683AVT
Delta VFD007CP4EA-21460V3PH0.75kWVT
Delta VFD015CP4EA-21460V3PH1.5.kWVT
Delta VFD022CP4EA-21460V3PH2.2kWVT
Delta VFD037CP4EA-21460V3PH3.7kWVT
Delta VFD040CP4EA-21460V3PH4kWVT
Delta VFD055CP4EA-21460V3PH5.5kWVT
Delta VFD075CP4EA-21460V3PH7.5kWVT
Delta VFD110CP4EA-21460V3PH11kWVT
Delta VFD150CP4EA-21460V3PH15kWVT
Delta VFD185CP4EA-21460V3PH18.5kWVT
Delta VFD220CP4EA-21460V3PH22kWVT
Delta VFD300CP4EA-21460V3PH30kWVT
Delta VFD370CP4EA-21460V3PH37kWVT