Delta VFD-EL AC Drives

Delta VFD-EL AC Drives

Delta VFD-EL AC Drives

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Delta VFD-EL Series – Multiple Functions – Micro Type Drives


The VFD-EL series is multiple function new generation micro type AC drive. It has built in EMI filter, RFI switch, easy DC bus sharing for side-by-side installation, high precision current detection, overload protection, and a built in keypad.


  • Output frequency: 0.1 ~ 600Hz
  • 3 points adjustable V/f curve
  • Built-in PID feedback control
  • RFI-switch for IT mains
  • Built-in EMI filter (for models 230V 1-phase and 460V 3-phase)
  • Use RS-485 communication interface (RJ-45) with Modbus protocol
  • Optional communication modules for multiple communication protocols, such as Profibus, DeviceNet, LonWorks and CANopen
  • Complete protection function


Small size pump & fan, blowing machine, conveyer belt, simple DIY processing equipment.

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115V 1-Phase Input/ 230V 3-Phase Output
Item #HPVoltsPhaseAmps
Delta VFD002EL11A1/4HP115V1PH1.6A
Delta VFD004EL11A1/2HP115V1PH2.5A
Delta VFD007EL11A1HP115V1PH4.2A
230V 1-Phase Input/ 3-Phase Output
Item #HPVoltsPhaseAmps
Delta VFD002EL21A1/4HP230V1PH1.6A
Delta VFD004EL21A1/2HP230V1PH2.5A
Delta VFD007EL21A1HP230V1PH4.2A
Delta VFD015EL21A2HP230V1PH7.5A
Delta VFD022EL21A3HP230V1PH11A
230V 3-Phase Input/ 3-Phase Output
Item #HPVoltsPhaseAmps
Delta VFD002EL23A1/4HP230V3PH1.6A
Delta VFD004EL23A1/2HP230V3PH2.5A
Delta VFD007EL23A1HP230V3PH4.2A
Delta VFD015EL23A2HP230V3PH7.5A
Delta VFD022EL23A3HP230V3PH11A
Delta VFD037EL23A5HP230V3PH5.5A
460V 3-Phase Input/ 3-Phase Output
Item #HPVoltsPhaseAmps
Delta VFD004EL43A1/2HP460V3PH1.5A
Delta VFD007EL43A1HP460V3PH2.5A
Delta VFD015EL43A2HP460V3PH4.2A
Delta VFD022EL43A3HP460V3PH5.5A
Delta VFD037EL43A5HP460V3PH8.2A

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