Delta VFD-M AC Drives

Delta no longer considers this series to be core product.
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Delta VFD-M AC Drives

Delta VFD-M AC Drives

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Delta VFD-M Series – SVC Micro Drives


Sensorless Vector Micro AC Drive. The compact design is ideal for small and medium horsepower applications. The M drive is designed to provide an ultra-low-noise operation, and includes several innovative technologies that reduce interference.


  • Output frequency 0.1 ~ 400 Hz
  • Adjustable V/f curve and vector control
  • Carrier frequency up to 15 kHz
  • Auto torque boost & slip compensation
  • Built-in PID feedback control
  • Built-in MODBUS communication, baud rate up to 38400 bps
  • 0 speed holding function
  • Built-in sleep / revival function
  • Support communication module (DN-02, LN-01, PD-01)


Packing machine; dumpling machine; treadmill; temperature/humidity control fan for agriculture and aquaculture; mixer for food processing; grinding machine; drilling machine; small size hydraulic lathe; elevator; coating equipment; small size milling machine; robot arm of injection machine (clamp); wood machine (two-side woodworking planer); edge bending machine, elasticizer, etc.

Part Numbers:

Item #HPVoltsPhaseAmps
Delta VFD002M11A1/4HP115V1PH1.6A
Delta VFD004M11A1/2HP115V1PH2.5A
Delta VFD007M11A1HP115V1PH4.2A
Delta VFD007M11A-Z1HP115V1PH4.2A
Delta VFD007M21A-T1HP115V1PH5A
Delta VFD004M21A1/2HP230V1PH2.5A
Delta VFD004M21A-T1/2HP230V1PH2.5A
Delta VFD004M21B1/2HP230V1PH2.5A
Delta VFD004M23A1/2HP230V3PH
Delta VFD007M21A1HP230V1PH5A
Delta VFD007M21A-21HP230V1PH5A
Delta VFD007M21B1HP230V1PH5A
Delta VFD007M21B-D1HP230V1PH5A
Delta VFD007M23A1HP230V3PH
Delta VFD015M21A2HP230V1PH7A
Delta VFD015M21A-22HP230V1PH7A
Delta VFD015M21B2HP230V1PH7A
Delta VFD015M21B-J2HP230V1PH7A
Delta VFD015M21B-Z2HP230V1PH7A
Delta VFD015M21A-T2HP230V1PH7A
Delta VFD015M23A2HP230V3PH
Delta VFD022M21A3HP230V1PH or 3PH10A
Delta VFD022M21A-T3HP230V1PH10A
Delta VFD022M21A-Z3HP230V1PH10A
Delta VFD022M23B3HP230V3PH10A
Delta VFD022M23B-Y3HP230V3PH10A
Delta VFD022M23B-Z3HP230V3PH10A
Delta VFD037M23A5HP230V3PH5A
Delta VFD055M23A7.5HP230V3PH7A
Delta VFD055M43A-T7.5HP230V3PH13A
Delta VFD007M43B1HP460V3PH3A
Delta VFD007M43B-T1HP460V3PH3A
Delta VFD015M43B2HP460V3PH4A
Delta VFD015M43B-T2HP460V3PH4A
Delta VFD022M43B3HP460V3PH5A
Delta VFD022M43B-T3HP460V3PH5A
Delta VFD037M43A5HP460V3PH8.2A
Delta VFD037M43A-T5HP460V3PH8.2A
Delta VFD055M43A7.5HP460V3PH13A
Delta VFD075M43A10HP460V3PH18A
Delta VFD075M43A-T10HP460V3PH18A
Delta VFD007M53A1HP575V3PH1.7A
Delta VFD015M53A2HP575V3PH3A
Delta VFD022M53A3HP575V3PH4.2A
Delta VFD037M53A5HP575V3PH6.6A
Delta VFD055M53A7.5HP575V3PH9.9A
Delta VFD075M53A10HP575V3PH12.2A