Delta VFD-VL AC Drives

Delta no longer considers this series to be core product.
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Delta VFD-VL AC Drives

Delta VFD-VL AC Drives

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Delta VFD-VL Series – Elevator Motor Drives


Delta’s VFD-VL series AC motor drive designed for elevators are based on years’ of experiences in designing AC motor drives, and the latest control technology adopted in VFD-VL will offer you high reliability and safety. All the features of VFD-VL are to meet the needs from the market, e.g. controlling the brake for motors, backup electricity, built-in brake loop, auto-tuning of motor parameters, numerous encoder interfaces, bountiful communication functions and self protection, etc.


  • Output frequency: 0.00 ~ 120.00Hz, offering output torque of more than 150% when at zero speed.
  • The vector control by FOC, enabling smooth and comfortable operation of the elevator.
  • S-curve acceleration/deceleration and battery for abnormal power shut-down.
  • Overload capacity: 150% of rated current for 1 minute and 200% of rated current for 10 seconds.
  • Complied with EN954-1 (safety-relay) standard.
  • The built-in brake module saves you installation space and cost.
  • Built-in with Modbus/CAN bus communication interface.
  • With optional LCD digital keypad and PC tuning software.


Home elevator, cargo elevator, passenger elevator, residential elevator and crane.

Part Numbers:

Item #HPVoltsPhaseAmps
Delta VFD055VL23A7.5HP230V3PH25A
Delta VFD055VL43A7.5HP230V3PH13A
Delta VFD075VL23A10HP230V3PH33A
Delta VFD110VL23A15HP230V3PH49A
Delta VFD150VL23A20HP230V3PH75A
Delta VFD185VL23A25HP230V3PH112A
Delta VFD220VL23A30HP230V3PH112A
Delta VFD075VL43A10HP440V3PH18A
Delta VFD110VL43A15HP440V3PH24A
Delta VFD150VL43A20HP440V3PH32A
Delta VFD185VL43A25HP440V3PH38A
Delta VFD220VL43A30HP440V3PH45A
Delta VFD300VL23A40HP440V3PH120A
Delta VFD300VL43A40HP440V3PH60A
Delta VFD370VL23A40HP440V3PH146A
Delta VFD370VL43A50HP440V3PH70A
Delta VFD450VL43A60HP440V3PH91A
Delta VFD550VL43A40HP440V3PH110A
Delta VFD750VL43A40HP440V3PH150A