Hitachi AC Drive L100IP-022 HFE

Hitachi AC Drive L100IP-015 HFE
Hitachi no longer considers this series to be core product.
Please Call for replacement assistance 800-985-6929

These new frequency inverter Series IP54 on the basis of the successful develoment of today´s inverter L100 Series, are particularly suitable for use in food industries, air-conditioning technology (heating, ventilating, cooling), water treatment and cleaning as well as in maney other stand-alone applications

Besides operation in connection with constant and variable. Load the voltage-to-frequency control alsoallos setting of parameter for a freely definable voltage-to-frequency characteristic, significantly expanding the area of application of these frequency inverter.

Key Features

  • Power:
  • PID control
  • Digital panel
  • Input for motor thermistor
  • Built-in RS422 interface
  • Automatic adjustment of the voltage
  • Built-in EMC filter Class B
  • Serial port connection PROFIBUS, LonWorks or DeviceNet (optional)
  • CE Compliance

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Hitachi AC Drive L100IP Brochure