Hitachi Drive Options


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Hitachi provides following options and accessories for the L700, SJ700 and WJ200 family of Hitachi industrial inverters and AC Variable Drives (unless otherwise noted).

Hitachi Drive Options:

Item # 
Hitachi 115VIF-DINDIN-rail mount external 7-channel interface module
Hitachi 255007Relay I/O Terminal Board (6 digital in, 3 relay out)
Hitachi 4X-KITminiNEMA4X Optional Kit for Remote Mounting of OPE-SRmini
Hitachi CB-I7-SNEMA 1 Conduit Box
Hitachi 3G3AX-MX2-EIP-AAllows the WJ200 inverter to communicate over an Ethernet/IP
Hitachi CB-I7-MNEMA 1 Conduit Box
Hitachi CB-I7-LNEMA 1 Conduit Box
Hitachi CB-P7-SSNEMA 1 Conduit Box
Hitachi CB-P7-LNEMA 1 Conduit Box
Hitachi CB-P7-MNEMA 1 Conduit Box
Hitachi CB7-185NEMA 1 Conduit Box
Hitachi CB7-315NEMA 1 Conduit Box
Hitachi CB7-400NEMA 1 Conduit Box
Hitachi DIN-L10E-MDIN Rail Adaptor
Hitachi FP1Mounts inverter with heat sink outside panel / enclosure
Hitachi FP8Mounts inverter with heat sink outside panel / enclosure
Hitachi ICS-1A1 Meter Cable
Hitachi FC-H40EMC Filter
Hitachi ICS-3A3 Meter Cable
Hitachi L300CB-4NEMA 1 Conduit Box
Hitachi L300CB-5NEMA 1 Conduit Box
Hitachi NES1-OPInverter mounted operator with speed pot
Hitachi OP2iOptional operator keypad/display for IPU-PSM
Hitachi OPE-SBKStandard Digital Operator
Hitachi OPE-SREStandard Digital Operator
Hitachi OPE-SRminiDigital Operator
Hitachi ProDrive NextEnhanced PC-based Configuration Software
Hitachi SJ-COCANOpen Interface
Hitachi SJ-DN2Device Net Communication Interface
Hitachi SJ-ENEthernet Communication Interface
Hitachi SJ-FBEncoder Feedback Option
Hitachi SJ-PB2Profibus DP Communication Interface
Hitachi SJ-PBT2Profibus DP Communication Interface
Hitachi USB-CONVERTERCABLEUSB Port to RS422 Conversion Cable
Hitachi USB2-6MINUSB to USB Mini B cable
Hitachi WJ-VLProvides inverter mounted input reference potentiometer
Hitachi WJ200CB-ANEMA 1 Conduit Box
Hitachi WJ200CB-BNEMA 1 Conduit Box
Hitachi WJ200CB-CNEMA 1 Conduit Box
Hitachi WJ200CB-DNEMA 1 Conduit Box
Hitachi WJ200CB-ENEMA 1 Conduit Box
Hitachi WJ200CB-FNEMA 1 Conduit Box
Hitachi WOPLarge 5-line, high visibility LCD display
Hitachi ZCL-B40002 – 037NFU/LFU, 004 – 040HFU
* Hitachi SJ-DG Digital Input Option Board
* Hitachi SJ-EN Ethernet Option Board
* Hitachi SJ-FB Feedback Option Board (SJ700 Only)
* Hitachi WJ200 3G3AX-MX2-EIP-A Ethernet/IP Option Board

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