Hitachi L200 Series AC Drives

The Hitachi L200 delivers the cutting-edge functions you need and an ease to install and set up that you’ll love.

  • Hitachi L200 Series AC DrivesKey features include:
  • Integrated digital kepad with potentiometer
  • PID control
  • Logic and output timing functions allowing for more flexible system design
  • Detachable cooling fan
  • RS-485 serial port with integrated Modbus-RTU
  • Unattended start protecion
  • 3-wire control
  • Analog input wire-break detection
  • 400Hz maximum output frequency
  • +/- .01Hz frequency accuracy
  • 14 protectivew functions including overload, over-current, and over/under-voltage

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Hitachi Industrial L200 Series Catalog Numbers:

Hitachi Industrial L200 Series 230Volts

Item #HPVoltsPhaseAmps
Hitachi L200-002NFU AC Drive1/4HP230V1 or 3PH1.6A
Hitachi L200-004NFU AC Drive3/4HP230V3PH2.6A
Hitachi L200-007NFU AC Drive1HP230V1 or 3PH4A
Hitachi L200-015NFU AC Drive2HP230V1 or 3PH8A
Hitachi L200-022NFU AC Drive3HP230V1 or 3PH11A
Hitachi L200-037LFU AC Drive5HP230V3PH17.5 A
Hitachi L200-055LFU AC Drive7.5HP230V3PH24A
Hitachi L200-075LFU AC Drive10HP230V3PH32A

Hitachi Industrial L200 Series 460Volts

Item #HPVoltsPhaseAmps
Hitachi L200-004HFU AC Drive1/2HP460V3PH1.5A
Hitachi L200-007HFU AC Drive1HP460V3PH2.5A
Hitachi L200-015HFU AC Drive2HP460V3PH3.8A
Hitachi L200-022HFU AC Drive3HP460V3PH5.5A
Hitachi L200-040HFU AC Drive5HP460V3PH8.6A
Hitachi L200-055HFU AC Drive7.5HP460V3PH13A
Hitachi L200-075HFU AC Drive10HP460V3PH16A

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