Hitachi L300IP AC Drives

The Hitachi L300IP is a L300P redesigned into an IP54 casing. With all the features of the L300P accordingly. Its new casing makes it ideally suitable for use in food industries, air-conditioning technology (heating, ventilating, cooling), water treatment and cleaning as well as in many other stand-alone applications.

Hitachi L300IP AC Drives

The IP54 series is surprisingly compact in size and comes complete with an EMC Mains Filter as standard. Further options are available such as input/output reactors and fieldbus communications options. While the IP54 Series is ideal for stand alone motor control applications, Hitachi has addressed the potential for the products in systems by incorporating as standard PID control and RS422/RS485 communications.

Besides operation in connection with constant and variable loads the voltage-to-frequency control also allows setting of parameters for a freely definable voltage-to-frequency characteristic, significantly expanding the area of application of these frequency inverter.

Single and three-phase models are available from 0.4kW to 2.2kW in the 200V class and in three-phase from 0.75kW to 132.0kW in the 400V class.

Speed setting is either via an external analogue or digital signals. A built-in keypad with LED display is used for programming and is included as standard. The IP54 Series has advanced protection sensing circuits and there are alarms for overcurrent, over voltage, under voltage, over temperature, overload, ground fault and so forth. Automatic voltage regulation is included for output voltage control.

The IP54 Series is CE certified for low voltage and EMC Directives.

Key Features:

  • Capacity Range: 1.5-132 kW
  • Quick Stop Function
  • User Macro Function
  • Auto-Energy Saving
  • PID Control
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • Motor Synchronization
  • Motor Potentiometer
  • Motor Thermistor Input
  • RS485 and RS422 Interfaces
  • Fieldbus Interfaces for Profibus,
  • DeviceNet, CANopen (optional)
  • Digital Display
  • Integrated EMC-Filter
  • Meets CE Standards

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Hitachi Industrial L300IP Series Catalog Numbers:

Item #kWVoltsPhaseAmps
Hitachi L300IP-015HFE2 AC Drives1.5kW400V3PH3.8A
Hitachi L300IP-022HFE2 AC Drives2.2kW400V3PH5.3A
Hitachi L300IP-040HFE2 AC Drives4.0kW400V3PH8.6A
Hitachi L300IP-055HFE2 AC Drives5.5kW400V3PH12A
Hitachi L300IP-075HFE2 AC Drives7.5kW400V3PH16A
Hitachi L300IP-110HFE2 AC Drives11kW400V3PH22A
Hitachi L300IP-150HFE2 AC Drives15kW400V3PH29A
Hitachi L300IP-185HFE2 AC Drives18.5kW400V3PH37A
Hitachi L300IP-220HFE2 AC Drives22kW400V3PH43A
Hitachi L300IP-300HFE2 AC Drives30kW400V3PH57A
Hitachi L300IP-370HFE2 AC Drives37kW400V3PH70A
Hitachi L300IP-450HFE2 AC Drives45kW400V3PH85A
Hitachi L300IP-550HFE2 AC Drives55kW400V3PH105A
Hitachi L300IP-750HFE2 AC Drives75kW400V3PH135A
Hitachi L300IP-900HFE2 AC Drives90kW400V3PH160A
Hitachi L300IP-1100HFE2 AC Drives110kW400V3PH195A
Hitachi L300IP-1320HFE2 AC Drives132kW400V3PH230A

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Hitachi L300IP Ac Drives Brochure PDF

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