Hitachi L300P Series AC Drives

Hitachi Industrial L300P Series Inverters and AC Variable Speed DrivesHitachi L300PFeatures:

  • Easy operation and setup by removable keypad (shown) standard PC-based configuration software and enhanced keypad available.
  • Communication options available for networks such as ETHERNET, DEVICENET, PROFIBUS-DP, LONWORKS, Modbus RTU. Wide range of application specific functions for optimal operation,
  • Auto energy savings function, Intelligent terminal system, Removable circuit terminals, Designed for ease of programming, operation and maintenance

NEMA1 to 40 HP; IP20 above. Optional conduit box required to meet NEMA1.

FREE SHIPPING on the L300P Series Inverters (ground service using our choice of carrier, within the contiguous United States only)Hitachi L300P Series Catalog Numbers:

200-240 VOLTS, 3 Phase

Item #HPVoltsPhaseAmps
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-022LBRM3HP200-240V3PH10.5A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-037LBRM5HP200-240V3PH16.5A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-075LBRM10HP200-240V3PH10HP
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-075HFU22HP200-240V3PH7.5A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-185LFU25HP200-240V3PH73A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-450LBRM60HP200-240V3PH169A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-015LFU22HPhh200-240V3PH7.5A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-022LFU23HP200-240V3PH10.5A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-037LFU25HP200-240V3PH16.5A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-055LFU27.5HP200-240V3PH24A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-075LFU210HP200-240V3PH32A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-110LFU215HP200-240V3PH44A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-150LFU220HP200-240V3PH58A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-185LFU225HP200-240V3PH73A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-220LFU230HP200-240V3PH85A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-300LFU240HP200-240V3PH113A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-370LFU250HP200-240V3PH140A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-450LFU260HP200-240V3PH169A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-550LFU275HP200-240V3PH210A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-750LFU2100HP200-240V3PH270A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-007HBRM1HP380-480V3PH2.5A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-015HFU22HP380-480V3PH3.8A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-022HFU23HP380-480V3PH5.3A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-040HFU25HP380-480V3PH8.6A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-055HFU27.5HP380-480V3PH12A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-075HFU210HP380-480V3PH16A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-110HBRM15HP380-480V3PH22A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-185HBRM25HP380-480V3PH37A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-110HFU215HP380-480V3PH22A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-150HFU220HP380-480V3PH29A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-185HFU225HP380-480V3PH37A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-220HFU230HP380-480V3PH43A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-300HFU240HP380-480V3PH57A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-370HFU250HP380-480V3PH70A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-450HFU260HP380-480V3PH85A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-550HFU275HP380-480V3PH105A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-750HFU2100HP380-480V3PH135A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-900HFU2125HP380-480V3PH160A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-1100HFU2150HP380-480V3PH195A
Hitachi AC Drive L300P-1320HFU2175HP380-480V3PH230A

208 VOLTS, 3 Phase PS Series

Item #HPVoltsPhaseAmps
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-015LFU2PSK2HP208V3PH7.5A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-022LFU2PSK3HP208V3PH10.5A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-037LFU2PSK5HP208V3PH16.5A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-055LFU2PSK7.5HP208V3PH24A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-075LFU2PSK10HP208V3PH32A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-110LFU2PSK15HP208V3PH44A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-150LFU2PSK20HP208V3PH58A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-185LFU2PSK25HP208V3PH73A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-220LFU2PSK30HP208V3PH85A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-300LFU2PSK40HP208V3PH113A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-370LFU2PSK50HP208V3PH140A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-450LFU2PSK60HP208V3PH169A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-550LFU2PSK75HP208V3PH210A

230 VOLTS, 3 Phase

Item #HPVoltsPhaseAmps
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-015LFU2PS2HP230V3PH7.5A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-022LFU2PS3HP230V3PH10.5A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-037LFU2PS5HP230V3PH16.5A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-055LFU2PS7.5HP230V3PH24A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-075LFU2PS10HP230V3PH32A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-110LFU2PS15HP230V3PH44A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-150LFU2PS20HP230V3PH58A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-185LFU2PS25HP230V3PH73A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-220LFU2PS30HP230V3PH85A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-300LFU2PS40HP230V3PH113A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-370LFU2PS50HP230V3PH140A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-450LFU2PS60HP230V3PH169A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-550LFU2PS75HP230V3PH210A

380-480 VOLTS, 3 Phase

Item #HPVoltsPhaseAmps
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-015HFU2PS2HP380-480V3PH3.8A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-022HFU2PS3HP380-480V3PH5.3A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-040HFU2PS5HP380-480V3PH8.6A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-055HFU2PS7.5HP380-480V3PH12A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-075HFU2PS10HP380-480V3PH16A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-110HFU2PS15HP380-480V3PH22A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-150HFU2PS20HP380-480V3PH29A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-185HFU2PS25HP380-480V3PH37A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-220HFU2PS30HP380-480V3PH43A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-300HFU2PS40HP380-480V3PH57A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-370HFU2PS50HP380-480V3PH70A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-450HFU2PS60HP380-480V3PH85A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-550HFU2PS75HP380-480V3PH105A
Hitachi AC Drives L300P-750HFU2PS100HP380-480V3PH135A