Hitachi NES1 Series Inverters

NEW Hitachi NES1 Series Inverters

NEW Hitachi NES1 Series

The Hitachi NE-S1 series can be easily operated with the digital operator provide as standard. Change and setting parameter by Keypad(NES1-OP). The digital operator can also be detached and used for remote-control. An operator with copy function is also available as an option.


  • Preconfigured for out of the box use
  • Remote keypad with built in potentiometer
  • ProDriveNext PC based configuration software- optional
  • Economical and Simple to use
  • Ultra compact design
  • 3 wire Start Stop compatible
  • Logic and time delay functions built in
  • Sink or Source input compatible
  • RS-485 Modbus RTU built in
  • CE/UL/cUL/c-Tick approvals

FREE SHIPPING on the NES1 Series Inverters (ground service using our choice of carrier, within the contiguous United States only)Hitachi NES1 Part Numbers:

200-240 volt, 1-phase only

Item #HPVoltsPhaseAmps
Hitachi NES1-002SB Inverter1/4HP200-240V1PH1.4A
Hitachi NES1-004SB Inverter1/2HP200-2401PH2.6A
Hitachi NES1-007SB Inverter1HP200-240V1PH4.0A
Hitachi NES1-015SB Inverter2HP200-240V1PH7.1A
Hitachi NES1-022SB Inverter3HP200-240V1PH10.0A

200-240 volt, 3-phase only

Item #HPVoltsPhaseAmps
Hitachi NES1-002LB Inverter1/4HP200-240V3PH1.4A
Hitachi NES1-004LB Inverter1/2HP200-240V3PH2.6A
Hitachi NES1-007LB Inverter1HP200-240V3PH4.0A
Hitachi NES1-015LB Inverter2HP200-240V3PH7.1A
Hitachi NES1-022LB Inverter3HP200-240V3PH10.0A

380-480 volt, 3-phase only

Item #HPVoltsPhaseAmps
Hitachi NES1-004HB Inverter1/2HP380-480V3PH1.5A
Hitachi NES1-007HB Inverter1HP380-480V3PH2.5A
Hitachi NES1-015HB Inverter2HP380-480V3PH4.1A
Hitachi NES1-022HB Inverter3HP380-480V3PH5.5A