Hitachi SJ100 Series AC Drives

The Hitachi SJ100 series of VSD Variable frequency drive is a small low cost inverter suitable for standard AC motors.

We carried all models of the Hitachi SJ100 inverter from stock and my have some remaining. However, we do have large stocks of all Hitachi inverter ranges, including the SJ200 which replaced the SJ100.

Hitachi SJ100 AC Drive


  • 200V and 400V class inverters
  • UL or CE version available
  • Sensorless vector control
  • Regenerative braking circuit
  • Convenient keypad for parameters settings
  • Built-in RS-422 communications interface to allow configuration from a PC and for field bus external modules
  • Sixteen programmable speed levels
  • Motor constants are programmable, or may be set via auto-tuning
  • PID control adjusts motor speed automatically to maintain a process variable value
  • High starting torque of 200% rating or greater
  • Continuous operation at 100% torque within a 1:10 speed range (6/60 Hz / 5/50 Hz) without motor derating
  • Fan has ON/OFF selection to provide longer life for cooling fan (on models with fan)

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Hitachi Industrial SJ100 Series Catalog Numbers:

Item #HPVoltsPhaseAmps
Hitachi AC Drive SJ100-002NFU1/4HP230V1 or 3PH1.6A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ100-004NFU3/4HP230V1 or 3PH2.6A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ100-007NFU1HP230V1 or 3PH4A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ100-015NFU2HP230V1 or 3PH8A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ100-022NFU3HP230V1 or 3PH11A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ100-037LFU5HP230V3PH17.5A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ100-055LFU7.5HP230V3PH24A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ100-075LFU10HP230V3PH32A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ100-004HFU1/2HP460V3PH1.5A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ100-007HFU1HP460V3PH2.5A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ100-015HFU2HP460V3PH3.8A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ100-022HFU3HP460V3PH5.5A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ100-040HFU5HP460V3PH8.6A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ100-055HFU7.5HP460V3PH13A
Hitachi AC Drive SJ100-075HFU10HP460V3PH16A

Click on the links below to see Drawings and Specs:

Hitachi SJ100 Manual

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