Hitachi SJ200 Series AC Drives

The SJ200 is a true muscle-man, featuring enhanced ISPM-technology with vector control. Outstanding performance and design characteristics, such as superior torque for demanding applications and exceptionally compact size, for SJ200 inverter in a class of their own. They are suited for various applications in textile, paper and printing industries as well as for all areas of the metalworking industry, cranes and elevators.

Hitachi SJ200 Series AC Drives

  • New Intelligent Sensorless Vector Control – NO Autotuning Required!
  • Up to 200% Starting Torque
  • Compact Industrial SJ200 Series Inverters and AC Variable Speed Drives
  • Advanced Logic and Calculate functions
  • Removable terminal strips for easy wiring
  • Dynamic Braking transistor built in
  • Advanced trip avoidance functions
  • Removable Keypad
  • NEMA4X Remote Keypad option
  • Ratings ¼ to 10hp, 230V, single and 3 phase, ½ to 10hp, 460V, 3 phase

Hitachi’s SJ200 series AC drives are compact, high‑torque, full‑featured drives, yet are easy‑to‑use. Hitachi’s new technology inverter family is suitable for a wide range of drive applications. The SJ200 features high starting torque of 200% or greater at 1Hz.

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Hitachi Industrial SJ200 Series Catalog Numbers:

Item #HPVolts
Hitachi AC Drive SJ200-002NFU1/4HP230V
Hitachi AC Drive SJ200-004HFU1/2HP460V
Hitachi AC Drive SJ200-015HFU2HP460V
Hitachi AC Drive SJ200-055HFU7.5HP460V
Hitachi AC Drive SJ200-075HFU10HP460V
Hitachi AC Drive SJ200-004NFU3/4HP230V
Hitachi AC Drive SJ200-007NFU1HP230V
Hitachi AC Drive SJ200-015NFU2HP230V
Hitachi AC Drive SJ200-022NFU3HP230V
Hitachi AC Drive SJ200-037LFU5HP230V
Hitachi AC Drive SJ200-055LFU7.5HP230V
Hitachi AC Drive SJ200-075LFU10HP230V
Hitachi AC Drive SJ200-007HFU1HP460V
Hitachi AC Drive SJ200-022HFU3HP460V
Hitachi AC Drive SJ200-040HFU5HP460V

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Hitachi SJ200 Series Inverter Instruction Manual

Hitachi SJ200 Series Inverter Reference Guide

Hitachi SJ200 Series Variable- Frequency Drive Brochures

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