Hitachi SJ700 Series AC Drives

Hitachi SJ700 Series AC Drives
Hitachi SJ700 Series AC Drives

Hitachi Industrial SJ700 Series Inverters and AC Variable Drives with Advanced Sensorless Vector Control.

  • High starting at low speeds (150% at 0.3Hz).
  • Full Vector Control with optional Feedback Board.
  • Improved and simplified auto-tuning.
  • Built-in PLC type programming functions. Built in Modbus/RTU communications.
  • Ratings: 1/2 hp to 75 hp, 230 V, 3 phase; 1 to 600 hp, 460V, 3 phase.

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Hitachi SJ700 Series AC Drives Catalog Numbers:
200-240 volt, 3 phase

Item #HPVoltsPhaseAmps
Hitachi SJ700–004LFUF20.5HP200-240V3PH0.4A
Hitachi SJ700–007LFUF21HP200-240V3PH5.0A
Hitachi SJ700–015LFUF22HP200-240V3PH7.5A
Hitachi SJ700–022LFUF23HP200-240V3PH10.5A
Hitachi SJ700–037LFUF25HP200-240V3PH16.5A
Hitachi SJ700-055LFUF27.5HP200-240V3PH24A
Hitachi SJ700-075LFUF210HP200-240V3PH32A
Hitachi SJ700-110LFUF215HP200-240V3PH46A
Hitachi SJ700-150LFUF220HP200-240V3PH64A
Hitachi SJ700-185LFUF225HP200-240V3PH76A
Hitachi SJ700-220LFUF230HP200-240V3PH95A
Hitachi SJ700-300LFUF240HP200-240V3PH121A
Hitachi SJ700-370LFUF250HP200-240V3PH145A
Hitachi SJ700-450LFUF260HP200-240V3PH182A
Hitachi SJ700-550LFUF275 HP200-240V3PH220A

380-480 volt, 3 phase

Item #HPVoltsPhaseAmps
Hitachi SJ700–007HFUF21HP380-480V3PH2.5A
Hitachi SJ700–015HFUF22HP380-480V3PH3.8A
Hitachi SJ700–022HFUF23HP380-480V3PH5.3A
Hitachi SJ700–040HFUF25HP380-480V3PH8.6A
Hitachi SJ700-055HFUF27.5HP380-480V3PH12A
Hitachi SJ700-075HFUF210HP380-480V3PH16A
Hitachi SJ700-110HFUF215HP380-480V3PH23A
Hitachi SJ700-150HFUF220HP380-480V3PH32A
Hitachi SJ700-185HFUF225HP380-480V3PH38A
Hitachi SJ700-220HFUF230HP380-480V3PH48A
Hitachi SJ700-300HFUF240HP380-480V3PH58A
Hitachi SJ700-370HFUF250HP380-480V3PH75A
Hitachi SJ700-450HFUF260HP380-480V3PH90A
Hitachi SJ700-550HFUF275HP380-480V3PH110A
Hitachi SJ700–750HFUF2100HP380-480V3PH149A
Hitachi SJ700–900HFUF2125HP380-480V3PH176A
Hitachi SJ700–1100HFUF2150HP380-480V3PH217A
Hitachi SJ700–1320HFUF2150HP380-480V3PH300A
Hitachi SJ700–1500HFUF2200HP380-480V3PH260A
Hitachi SJ700–1850HFUF2250/300HP380-480V3PH370A
Hitachi SJ700–2200HFUF2300/350HP380-480V3PH440A
Hitachi SJ700–3150HFUF2350/400/450HP380-480V3PH600A
Hitachi SJ700–4000HFUF2500/600HP380-480V3PH800A

Hitachi SJ700 Series VFDs reasserts its technological leadership with an improved sensor-less vector (SLV) control algorithm that enables the SJ700 to develop more than 200% starting torque at 0.3 Hz. The SJ700 can develop 150% torque at 0 Hz, which is ideal for vertical lift applications, using Hitachi’s unique “0 Hz Domain” open-loop control mode.

Hitachi has also greatly simplified the auto-tuning process, making commissioning trouble-free. Enhancement in the SJ700 is Hitachi’s EzSQ (Easy Sequence) built in programming function. It is similar to having a PLC built into the inverter! In many cases, the need for a separate PLC can be eliminated. The program is developed on a PC and then downloaded to the inverter using the simple to use EzSQ software provided at no charge.

The SJ700 also incorporates true servo-like position control, offering a low-cost motion control solution. Mated with a general-purpose induction motor with an encoder, the SJ700 is given a position command, speed command, and acceleration/deceleration times. The shaft moves from position A to position B following the defined profile and then maintain the shaft in servo lock status.

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