Hitachi SJ700B Series AC Drives

Hitachi SJ700B AC Drive

Hitachi industrial SJ700B AC Variable Speed Drives outperforms on performance, capabilities and functions of its predecessor, the Hitachi L700. The industrial SJ700B Series inverters come with improved sensorless vector (SLV) control algorithm, which allows SJ700B Series inverters to develop 150% torque at 0.5 Hz, ideal for wide range of applications. Another key upgrade in the SJ700B inverters (SJ700B AC Variable Frequency Drives) is Hitachi’s EzSQ (Easy Sequence) built-in programming function, which provides the functionality of a PLC built into the inverter. Following are some of the key features of Hitachi industrial SJ700B Series AC Variable Speed Drives.

200-240V, 3-phase

Item #HPVoltsPhaseAmps
Hitachi SJ700B-110LFUF AC Drive15HP200-240V3PH44A
Hitachi SJ700B-150LFUF AC Drive20HP200-240V3PH58A
Hitachi SJ700B-185LFUF AC Drive25HP200-240V3PH73A
Hitachi SJ700B-220LFUF AC Drive30HP200-240V3PH85A
Hitachi SJ700B-300LFUF AC Drive40HP200-240V3PH113A
Hitachi SJ700B-370LFUF AC Drive50HP200-240V3PH140A
Hitachi SJ700B-450LFUF AC Drive60HP200-240V3PH169A
Hitachi SJ700B-550LFUF AC Drive75HP200-240V3PH210A
Hitachi SJ700B-750LFUF AC Drive100HP200-240V3PH270A

380-480V, 3-phase

Item #HPVoltsPhaseAmps
Hitachi SJ700B-110HFUF AC Drive15HP380-480V3PH22A
Hitachi SJ700B-150HFUF AC Drive20HP380-480V3PH29A
Hitachi SJ700B-185HFUF AC Drive25HP380-480V3PH37A
Hitachi SJ700B-220HFUF AC Drive30HP380-480V3PH43A
Hitachi SJ700B-300HFUF AC Drive40HP380-480V3PH57A
Hitachi SJ700B-370HFUF AC Drive50HP380-480V3PH70A
Hitachi SJ700B-450HFUF AC Drive60HP380-480V3PH85A
Hitachi SJ700B-550HFUF AC Drive75HP380-480V3PH105A
Hitachi SJ700B-750HFUF AC Drive100HP380-480V3PH135A
Hitachi SJ700B-900HFUF AC Drive125HP380-480V3PH160A
Hitachi SJ700B-1100HFUF AC Drive150HP380-480V3PH195A
Hitachi SJ700B-1320HFUF AC Drive175HP380-480V3PH230A
Hitachi SJ700B-1600HFUF AC Drive200HP380-480V3PH290A

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Hitachi SJ700B NT907DX User Manual

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