Part Number: 0250-54839
Ratio: 15.05
Style: ES
Frame Size: 213TC
Output Diameter: 2
Product Type: RIGHT ANGLE
Input Type: C-FACE QUILL
Input Diameter: 1.376
Output Type: HOLLOW BORE

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HERA® High Efficiency Right Angle Gear Drive
Power ratings to 13 HP
Available in C-face quill or coupled styles
Shaft input
Sized to replace 3.25″ to 4.25″ center distance worm speed reducers (with available accessories)
Ratio range to 60:1 (nominal)

Hub City HERA® – High-Efficiency Right Angle Gearboxes and Gearmotors

Now Providing 90% Efficiency – 2x More Torque
Suitable for replacement of Worm Gearboxes

• Power Ratings available up to 27 H.P.
• Operating Speeds available up to 2500 rpm

• 4 sizes of Hub City HERA® Gearboxes can replace up to 11 sizes of worm speed reducers
• With Rolling action gearing (Helical and Hypoid) – significant wear particle reduction & increased power density.
• We use Over-sized bearings that provide increased L-10 life
• Viton seals provide enhanced protection at higher operating temperatures.
• Bronze Bushing Quill Liner provided to prevent fretting and for easy motor removal ( 56C and 143TC)
• USDA H1 lube available.
• Higher efficiency provides lower operating temperature and increased seal life.

Optional Features
• CleanLine™ and BISSC for food service and/or washdown duty operations
• Metric Versions avaiable
• Accessories can be assembled to units upon request

Hub City HubLoc® Keyless Bushings
• The Hub City HubLoc® bushings are versatile, robust, easily installed, and create a keyless, backlash-free mechanical interference fit that eliminates the micromovement that causes fretting and cold welding.
• Gearboxes are available in a wide range of standard bore sizes.
• Tamper Resistant HubCap™ protective covers (Patent Pending) are made from metal-detectable plastic to support customer HACCP programs.