Hub City PowerTorque Shaft Mount Reducer 0270-00085

hub city hollow shaft
Model: PT29415
Part Number: 0270-00085
Ratio: 26:1
Style: N/A
Gear Type: H
Frame Size: N/A
Output Diameter: BUSHING KIT REQ’D
Product Type: Parallel
Product Line: PowerTorque Shaft Mt Reducer
Input Type: SHAFT
Input Diameter: 2.438
Output Type: HOLLOW BORE

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Hub City’s PowerTorque® Shaft Mount Reducers are available in power ratings up to 200 HP and ratios from 9:1 through 25:1 depending on model. Efficiency is 98.5%. Universal mounting dimensions assure maximum design flexibility. High Strength Ductile Iron Housings provide maximum durability. High Efficiency AGMA Class 11 helical gearing is case carburized and ground.