LEESON 174018.00

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LEESON 174018.00

Three Phase Input / Three Phase Output
400-480 Volts

400-480 Volts HP 2 A 3.4

SM Vector Series AC Inverters IP 20 Enclosure Protection

Sensorless Vector AC inverter delivers up to 200% starting torque and can control a vector duty motor down to 1Hz at full output torque.  The SM Vector drive is designed for operation with vector duty motors.

Modes of operation:

  • Constant torque V/Hz
  • Variable torque V/Hz
  • Sensorless vector – speed mode
  • Sensorless vector – torque mode
  • Auto tuning determines key performance values based on the motor and installation variables
  • Required for operation in vector modes, but can be used to enhance performance in V/Hz mode
  • The SM-Vector drive is an approved thermal overload protection device for single motor applications
  • 18 isolated terminals provide 5 logic inputs and 2 logic outputs
  • Two reference inputs allow for 4-20mA and either 0-10V or bipolar –10 to +10V
  • Two analog outputs indicate speed and load
  • Two wire RS485 serial communication
  • Dynamic braking and remote keypad kits available on pages 362 and 363