LEESON 174655.00

LEESON 174655.00

APPLICATIONS: Indoor use only inverter that is designed to be used with vector duty motors Typical applications would include: packaging machinery, food processing, conveying systems, machinery and HVAC systems. (Use with three phase 230V motor)


User programmable for 50Hz and other voltage inputs -3-phase only

Convection cooled
Enclosure: NEMA 4, IP65, -10 to 55°C, derate per °C above 40°C
Standard Features: Easy Set-up and Operation: Program the Vector control in one of four convenient ways:
From the front of the drive
The optional remote keypad
A PC Using TechLink Software
The innovative EPM Programmer.
Modes of operation:
Open Loop Flux Vector (Speed or Torque)
V/Hz (constant or variable)
Enhanced V/Hz with Auto-tuning
Easy to Use Keypad & Display 6-Button Interface:
Scroll Up
Scroll Down
Vivid Illumination:
4 digit LED display
Easy to read from a distance
Movable Decimal Point
Acceleration/Deceleration Profiles:
Two Independent Accel Ramps
Two Independent Decel Ramps
Linear or S-Type
Auxiliary Ramp-to-Stop
Output Frequency:
500 Hz Std., 1000 Hz Optional
Selectable Logic Assertion:
Positive Logic Input (PNP current sourcing)
Negative Logic Input (NPN current sinking)
Multiple Braking Functions
Loss of Follower Management
Speed Commands: Keypad, Jog, Floating Point Control
Voltage: Scalable 0-10 VDC
Current: Scalable 4-20mA, Potentiometer, 8 Preset Speeds
Process Control: PID Modes: Direct or Reverse Acting, PID Sleep Mode
Voltage Monitoring
Current Monitoring
Real Time Monitoring: 8 register fault history, Software Version Drive Network ID, DC Bus Voltage (V), Motor Voltage (V), Output Current (%) Motor Current (A), Motor Torque (%), Power (kW) Energy Consumption (kWh), Heasink Temperature (*C), 0-10 VDC Input (User Defined, 4-20 mA Input (User Defined) PID Feedback (User Defined), Analog Output (% Load, % Torque, kW), Network Speed (baud rate), Terminal Continuity, Keypad Status, Elapse Run Time (hours), Elapsed Power on Time (hours)
cUL (Canada)
CE (Europe)
GOST (Russia/Ukraine)
C-Tick (Australia/New Zealand)

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