LEESON Aeration Fan Motors

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LEESON Aeration Fan Motors

LEESON Aeration Fan Motors

These totally enclosed air over motors are dust tight and suitable for shaft-mounted fans. Motors are capacitor start designs and designed to be used in the airflow of the driven fan. They are protected from the environments, having gasketed openings and finished with corrosion resistant epoxy paint. High temperature ball bearings are lubricated with Exxon POLYREX® EM grease.
Ratings :

¾ – 3 HP3450 RPM56Z145 T1.0 Service FactorTEAO115/230 Volt

LEESON Aeration Fan Motors Part Numbers:

LEESON 111332.00
LEESON 111333.00
LEESON 111949.00
LEESON 120374.00
LEESON 120375.00
LEESON 120376.00
LEESON 111334.00
LEESON 111335.00
LEESON 120377.00
LEESON 120378.00
LEESON 120379.00



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