LEESON Auger Drive Motors

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LEESON Auger Drive Motors

LEESON Auger Drive Motors

Replacement motors for poultry feed auger drive systems. Bolts to existing gearbox for easy installation. Mechanical start switch protected from overspeeded auger drive. Extended fan-end shaft with flats for manually jogging auger drive. Available in 1/3 to 1-1/2 HP, TEFC, N-flange footless, single phase.

LEESON Auger Drive Motors Part Numbers:

LEESON 101159.00
LEESON 101435.00
LEESON 101120.00
LEESON 101436.00
LEESON 101119.00
LEESON 101437.00
LEESON 112615.00
LEESON 113302.00
LEESON 113280.00
LEESON 113301.00
LEESON 101643.00
LEESON 101644.00
LEESON 113906.00
LEESON 113907.00



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