LEESON Compressor Duty Motors Three Phase

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LEESON Compressor Duty Motors

LEESON Compressor Duty Motors Three Phase

Motors designed for air compressors, pumps, and fan and blower applications, which require high breakdown torque and rugged mechanical construction.
Mechanical Features:

  • Pre-lubricated, amply sized, double shielded ball bearings to accommodate varying belt loads and tension
  • Heavy gauge steel frame/base construction

Electrical Features:

  • Class “F” copper windings and Class “F” insulation system
  • High starting and breakdown torque designs
  • Re-connectable leads for either CW or CCW rotation
  • Meet Epact energy efficiency standards
Ratings: ODP – Rigid Base

Horsepower1 to 20
Speed (RPM)1800
Frame Size143 – 256T
Ratings: TEFC – Rigid Base

Horsepower3 to 20
Speed (RPM)1800
Frame Size182 – 256T

LEESON Compressor Duty Motors Three Phase Part Numbers:

LEESON 121003.00
LEESON 121004.00
LEESON 121005.00
LEESON 131519.00
LEESON 131520.00
LEESON 140470.00
LEESON 140472.00
LEESON 170006.60
LEESON 131463.00
LEESON 131464.00
LEESON 140450.00
LEESON 140451.00
LEESON 170066.60
LEESON 170007.60



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