LEESON Condenser Fan Motors

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LEESON Condenser Fan Motors

LEESON Condenser Fan Motors

General Specifications:
Vertical shaft up design – Belly Band Mount and Rigid Base Enclosed endbell – shaft end prevents water contamination Double sealed ball bearings using Exxon POLYREX® EM grease 1.15 Service Factor Phosphatized shaft for corrosion resistance Automatic overload protected

ODPBelly Band Mount1/2 – 1.5 HP1140 RPM230/460 Volt
ODPRigid Base1 – 1.5 HP1140 RPM230/460 Volt

LEESON Condenser Fan Motors Part Numbers:

LEESON 116772.00
LEESON 116773.00
LEESON 111147.00
LEESON 115778.00
LEESON 111148.00
LEESON 115779.00



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