LEESON Contractor’s Power Tool Motors

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LEESON Contractor’s Power Tool Motors

LEESON Contractor’s Power Tool Motors

Open Drip Proof (ODP) double shaft motors for woodworking applications.  They utilize an electronic starting switch and double sealed ball bearings to prevent failures caused by sawdust accumulation.  Motors are designed for high torques and have reduced amp draw for more overall efficiency.  Shaft extension, each end, with keyway and flat 90° apart for ease of mounting.  Useable shaft, each end is 1.5 inches long by ½ inch diameter on 48 frame and S56 frame models and 1.875 long by 5/8 inches on 56 frame motor.

½ HP1725 RPMS56Z Frame115/230 Volt
¾ HP3450 RPM48Z Frame115/230 Volt
1 HP3450 RPM56Z Frame115/230 Volt

LEESON Contractor’s Power Tool Motors Part Numbers:

LEESON 101781.00
LEESON 101782.00
LEESON 114216.00



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