LEESON DC IP55 SUB-FHP Washguard Gearmotors

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LEESON DC – Washguard Duty

LEESON DC IP55 SUB-FHP Washguard Gearmotors

LEESON Washguard Duty DC motors are designed for extended life in applications requiring regular washdown or otherwise wet environments.  These Epoxy painted motors retard the entrance of water during cleaning operations and their drain holes release and water that does enter the motor.  The interior of the motor is also coated, which offers extra protection to the motor’s interior surfaces to prevent corrosion.
General Specifications:
  • High Quality 303 Stainless Steel Shafts
  • Spring loaded contact seals and patented “V” ring Forsheda seal
  • Interior surfaces are protected by an enamel and polyester coating
  • External surfaces painted with USDA approved Epoxy paint
  • Stainless steel fan guards and conduit box cover
  • Double sealed, over-sized bearings are used
Available Ratings – SCR and Low Voltage:C-Face With Removable Base – 90 & 180 V – 1750 RPM – ¼ – 1.5 HP
SUB-FHP – 90 V – TENV – Square Flange or C-Face – 1/8, 1/6 (1750 RPM), & ¼ HP (2500 RPM)
SUB-FHP – 90 V – TENV – Square Flange or C-Face – 1/8, 1/6 (1750 RPM), & ¼ HP (2500 RPM)
IEC Frame – 180 Volts – TENV IP55 – B-5 Flange with Removable B3 Base – ½HP (.37 kW) &  3/4HP (.55 kW)

LEESON DC – Washguard Duty Part Numbers:

LEESON M1125275.00
LEESON M1125276.00
LEESON M1125277.00
LEESON M1125278.00
LEESON M1125279.00
LEESON M1125280.00
LEESON M1125281.00



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