LEESON Electra-Gear EL Series Aluminum Gear Reducers

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LEESON Electra-Gear EL Series Aluminum Gear Reducers

LEESON Electra-Gear EL Series Aluminum Gear Reducers

Already pronounced as an industrial leader in aluminum worm reducers, Electra-Gear unveiled a new, innovative design in 2009. The design utilizes the premium features of the Grove Gear IRONMAN product in a robust, aluminum, single-piece housing.  The aluminum reducers are a direct dimensional interchange to well-known cast iron brands, including Grove Gear, LEESON, Boston and more.

Electra-Gear offers a unique, aluminum gear reducer line, which is the most extensive of its kind in North America. Electra’s aluminum products are a light weight, yet durable alternative to today’s cast iron and stainless steel models, and are available off-the-shelf or customized to your exact specifications.

  • Eleven sizes available to 35 HP
  • Available in single, double and triple reduction with ratios from 5:1 to 216,000:1
  • Clean, paint-free finish
  • Lightweight alternative to cast iron
  • Lower cost alternative to stainless steel
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Stainless steel shafts and hardware available
  • PLATINUM polished housing available

LEESON Electra-Gear EL Series Aluminum Gear Reducers Part Numbers:

LEESON EL8130036
LEESON EL8130012
LEESON EL8130024
LEESON EL8130027
LEESON EL8130003
LEESON EL8130015
LEESON EL8130028
LEESON EL8130004
LEESON EL8130016
LEESON EL8130029
LEESON EL8130005
LEESON EL8130017
LEESON EL8130030
LEESON EL8130006
LEESON EL8130018
LEESON EL8130031
LEESON EL8130007
LEESON EL8130019
LEESON EL8130032
LEESON EL8130008
LEESON EL8130020
LEESON EL8130033
LEESON EL8130009
LEESON EL8130021
LEESON EL8130025
LEESON EL8130001
LEESON EL8130013
LEESON EL8130034
LEESON EL8130010
LEESON EL8130022
LEESON EL8130026
LEESON EL8130002
LEESON EL8130014
LEESON EL8130035
LEESON EL8130011
LEESON EL8130023
LEESON EL8180036
LEESON EL8180012
LEESON EL8180024
LEESON EL8180027
LEESON EL8180003
LEESON EL8180015
LEESON EL8180028
LEESON EL8180004
LEESON EL8180016
LEESON EL8180029
LEESON EL8180005
LEESON EL8180017
LEESON EL8180030
LEESON EL8180006




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