LEESON Electra-Gear Ratio Multipliers

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LEESON Electra-Gear Ratio Multipliers

LEESON Electra-Gear Ratio Multipliers

Electra-Gear aluminum ratio multipliers are available with ratings up to 6 HP.  Compact in size, the versatile units allow users to increase torque and efficiency.  Electra-Gear aluminum ratiomultipliers are significanlty lighter and smaller than cast iron reducers of similar mechanical capacity.

  • Increases torque and efficiency as a primary drive
  • Ratings up to 6 HP
  • Premium Viton® Seals provide extra protection against entry of contaminants or loss of lubricant
  • All sizes are filled with synthetic oil as standard and are considered “lubed for life”
  • Modular construction allows for addition of output flanges for use as ratio multipliers or mounting bases for use as standalone single stage gear reducers – interchangeable with many brands, including SEW and David Brown
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Mounts in any position
  • Will accept any C-Face motor
  • Will bolt to any C-Face reducer
  • Increases inventory flexibility

LEESON Electra-Gear Ratio Multipliers Part Numbers:

LEESON 707109L
LEESON 707108L
LEESON 707106L
LEESON 707105L
LEESON 707079L
LEESON 707078L
LEESON 707076L
LEESON 707075L
LEESON 707124L
LEESON 707123L
LEESON 707103L
LEESON 707102L
LEESON 707100L
LEESON 707099L
LEESON 707073L
LEESON 707072L
LEESON 707070L
LEESON 707069L
LEESON 707121L
LEESON 707097L
LEESON 707094L
LEESON 707067L
LEESON 707064L



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