LEESON Grove Gear IRONMAN Helical-Bevel K Series Gear Reducers

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LEESON Grove Gear IRONMAN Helical-Bevel K Series

LEESON Grove Gear IRONMAN Helical-Bevel K Series

(Replaces the Grove Gear TorqueLine Series)
  • 6 sizes available in gear reducer, GEAR+MOTOR™ and integral gearmotor designs
  • Input horsepower ratings up to 130 HP
  • Available in triple and quintuple reduction with ratios from 6.2:1 to 3400:1
  • High efficiency design maximizes system performance
  • Solid output shaft and hollow output shaft available in all sizes
  • Precision carburized and hardened spiral bevel gearing for quiet, efficient, right angle speed reduction
  • 5 day standard lead time on all triple reduction units

LEESON Grove Gear IRONMAN Helical-Bevel K Series Part Numbers:

LEESON K8473001.00
LEESON K8473002.00
LEESON K8473003.00
LEESON K8473004.00
LEESON K8473006.00
LEESON K8473007.00
LEESON K8473008.00
LEESON K8473009.00
LEESON K8473010.00
LEESON K8673010.00
LEESON K8673011.00
LEESON K8473011.00
LEESON K8473012.00
LEESON K8473013.00
LEESON K8673014.00
LEESON K8673015.00
LEESON K8473014.00
LEESON K8473015.00
LEESON K8673018.00
LEESON K8473016.00
LEESON K8673020.00
LEESON K8675001.00
LEESON K8675002.00
LEESON K8675003.00
LEESON K8675004.00
LEESON K8675005.00
LEESON K8675006.00
LEESON K8775006.00
LEESON K8675007.00
LEESON K8775007.00
LEESON K8775008.00
LEESON K8675008.00
LEESON K8875009.00
LEESON K8675019.00
LEESON K8775009.00
LEESON K8875010.00
LEESON K8775010.00
LEESON K8875011.00
LEESON K8775011.00
LEESON K8875012.00
LEESON K8775012.00
LEESON K8875013.00
LEESON K8875014.00




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