LEESON Grove Gear IRONMAN NH Series Gear Reducers

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LEESON Grove Gear IRONMAN NH Series Gear Reducers

LEESON Grove Gear IRONMAN NH Series Gear Reducers

The Grove Gear IRONMAN NH Series features a compact and narrow profile designed to fit space allocations in new or existing equipment.

  • Rugged iron housings, covers, and flanges provide superior strength and rigidity.
  • Single cover output design ensures gear centering for maximum efficiency and minimum noise levels.
  • The worm shaft is cut integral with the input shaft then hardened, ground, and polished to provide maximum efficiency with minimum gear noise.
  • The bronze worm gear is chill cast from the highest quality bronze to provide superior wear and lubricity characteristics for longer life and higher efficiency.
  • Premium tapered roller bearings on output shafts provide greater life, overhung load and thrust capacity.
  • Oversized steel output shaft provides superior overhung load and torque characteristics.
  • Premium Chicago Rawhide Viton® double lip seals provide extended life because of increased resistance to high temperature, abrasion and chemicals.
  • The unique quill seal guard protects the input seal from damage during motor installation.
  • O-rings on input and output covers provide positive sealing without undependable gaskets or messy silicone sealants.
  • Non-compressible metal shims maintain factory bearing settings and gear alignment throughout the life of the product.
  • Large oil capacity provides positive splash lubrication and superior cooling capability.
  • Metal nameplate drive screwed to housing insures easy field identification for repair parts and replacement.
  • Units are oil filled at the factory with the proper lubrication to provide simple and economical installation.
  • All units are 100% run and leak tested at the factory to insure that you receive the highest quality product.
  • 14 sizes available with input horsepower ratings up to 104 HP.
  • Available in single, double and triple reduction with ratios from 5:1 to 216,000:1. Helical worm ratios from 25:1 to 600:1.

LEESON Grove Gear IRONMAN NH Series Gear Reducers Part Numbers:

LEESON NH8130036
LEESON NH8130012
LEESON NH8130024
LEESON NH8130027
LEESON NH8130003
LEESON NH8130015
LEESON NH8130028
LEESON NH8130004
LEESON NH8130016
LEESON NH8130029
LEESON NH8130005
LEESON NH8130017
LEESON NH8130030
LEESON NH8130006
LEESON NH8130018
LEESON NH8130031
LEESON NH8130007
LEESON NH8130019
LEESON NH8130032
LEESON NH8130008
LEESON NH8130020
LEESON NH8130033
LEESON NH8130009
LEESON NH8130021
LEESON NH8130025
LEESON NH8130001
LEESON NH8130013
LEESON NH8130034
LEESON NH8130010
LEESON NH8130022
LEESON NH8130026
LEESON NH8130002
LEESON NH8130014
LEESON NH8130035
LEESON NH8130011
LEESON NH8130023
LEESON NH8150036
LEESON NH8150012
LEESON NH8150024
LEESON NH8150027
LEESON NH8150003
LEESON NH8150015
LEESON NH8150028
LEESON NH8150004
LEESON NH8150016
LEESON NH8150029
LEESON NH8150005
LEESON NH8150017
LEESON NH8150030
LEESON NH8150006



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