LEESON Grove Gear IRONMAN Shaft Mount F Series Reducers

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LEESON Grove Gear IRONMAN Shaft Mount F Series Reducers

LEESON Grove Gear IRONMAN Shaft Mount F Series Reducers

(Replaces the Grove Gear TorqueLine Series)
Standard Features

  • Selections from 1/4 to 20 HP
  • Output torque to 13,300 lb:in
  • Ratios from 3.42:1 through 3377:1
  • Output speeds from .5 to 280 RPM
  • Universal base, flange and hollow bore mounting with competitive interchange capability
  • Precision carburized and hardened crowned helical gearing
  • Double lip spring loaded seals with precision ground seal journals
  • High capacity ball and tapered bearings with splash lubrication, factory filled
  • Enhanced high tensile strength steel shafting with low notch sensitivity
  • Optimum structural designed housings made of high strength alloy cast iron

Optional Features

  • Modified standard and custom designs
  • Special output shaft sizes
  • Synthetic lubricant
  • Mounting to LEESON or Lincoln C-faced motors with no assembly charge
  • Washdown features

Integral Gearmotors

  • 4 sizes available up to 5 HP available upon request

LEESON Grove Gear IRONMAN Shaft Mount F Series Reducers Part Numbers:

LEESON F8372104
LEESON F8372105
LEESON F8372106
LEESON F8372107
LEESON F8372108
LEESON F8372109
LEESON F8372110
LEESON F8472083
LEESON F8372111
LEESON F8372112
LEESON F8372113
LEESON F8372115
LEESON F8372114
LEESON F8372116
LEESON F8372117
LEESON F8372118
LEESON F8372119
LEESON F8373067
LEESON F8373068
LEESON F8373069
LEESON F8473088
LEESON F8373070
LEESON F8473092
LEESON F8373071
LEESON F8373072
LEESON F8473093
LEESON F8473094
LEESON F8373073
LEESON F8373074
LEESON F8373075
LEESON F8473095
LEESON F8373076
LEESON F8373077
LEESON F8473096
LEESON F8473097
LEESON F8473098
LEESON F8673133
LEESON F8673134
LEESON F8673135
LEESON F8773165
LEESON F8675079
LEESON F8775079
LEESON F8775080
LEESON F8675081
LEESON F8775081
LEESON F8775082
LEESON F8675082
LEESON F8675083
LEESON F8775083
LEESON F8775084
LEESON F8675084
LEESON F8775086
LEESON F8775085
LEESON F8775086
LEESON F8775087



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