LEESON Grove Gear IRONMAN GR Series Gear Reducers

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LEESON Grove Gear IRONMAN Worm Gear Reducers

LEESON Grove Gear IRONMAN GR Series Gear Reducers

Available through 10.00” center distance, the 800 Series Grove Gear IRONMAN™ reducer line is a true heavy duty workhorse that handles the environmental assaults, shock loading, frequent reversing and continuous duty cycles typical in many industrial applications. Designed to be the premium worm reducer in the industry, IRONMAN ™ reducers feature top quality features, including:

  • One-piece cast iron housings with single output cover design, CNC machined for precise component fit and alignment.
  • Viton® double-lip seals and super microfinished seal surfaces on input and output shafts.
  • O-rings on all bearing covers, eliminating gaskets, sealants and leaks.
  • Extra large lubricant reservoir filled with premium, high-temperature synthetic lubricant.
  • One-piece, precision finished worms for higher efficiency and long-life operation.
  • Bronze worm gear chill cast from high quality bronze for maximum strength, lubricity and superior life.
  • Oversized high-speed bearings, positively retained for frequent reversing and start/stop cycles.
  • Tapered roller bearings on output shaft for high overhung and thrust load capacities.
  • Ultimate application flexibility with all-angle mounting provisions, the widest selection of accessory bases and flanges and the largest selection of stock reducer styles.
  • Directly interchangeable with other brands of cast iron worm reducers, including Baldor, Boston, Browning, Dodge and Morse.

LEESON Grove Gear IRONMAN GR Series Gear Reducers

LEESON GR81000015
LEESON GR81000001
LEESON GR81000008
LEESON GR81000016
LEESON GR81000002
LEESON GR81000009
LEESON GR81000017
LEESON GR81000003
LEESON GR81000010
LEESON GR81000097
LEESON GR81000087
LEESON GR81000092
LEESON GR81000018
LEESON GR81000004
LEESON GR81000011
LEESON GR81000019
LEESON GR81000005
LEESON GR81000012
LEESON GR81000020
LEESON GR81000006
LEESON GR81000013
LEESON GR81000095
LEESON GR81000085
LEESON GR81000090
LEESON GR81000021
LEESON GR81000007
LEESON GR81000014
LEESON GR81000096
LEESON GR81000086
LEESON GR81000091
LEESON GR81000098
LEESON GR81000088
LEESON GR81000093
LEESON GR8130036
LEESON GR8130012
LEESON GR8130024
LEESON GR8130027
LEESON GR8130003
LEESON GR8130015
LEESON GR8130028
LEESON GR8130004
LEESON GR8130016
LEESON GR8130029
LEESON GR8130005
LEESON GR8130017
LEESON GR8130030
LEESON GR8130006
LEESON GR8130018
LEESON GR8130031
LEESON GR8130007

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