LEESON Instant Reversing Motors

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LEESON Instant Reversing Motors

LEESON Instant Reversing Motors

Our Instant Reversing motors are specifically designed for Parking Gates, Door Operators and Slide Gate applications.

Parking Gate Motors
Specially designed for use on “Instant-reversing” parking gates, doors, slide gates, or other moderate starting torque instant reversing applications. Capable of frequent reversing service. 1/3 – ¾ HP, Open Drip Proof, Resilient mount having manual overload protectors
Door Operator Motors
Instant “plug-reversing” with simple three-wire connection. PSC design offering low inrush and full load amps. 150% starting torque, approximate, is suitable for hard to start loads. 1/3-1/2 HP, Open Drip Proof, C-Face less base mounting having manual overload protectors.
Slide Gate Motors
These Capacitor Start, induction run motors utilize a solid state, instant reversing switch, for changing the rotation of the motor. ¾ – 1HP, Rigid Base, TEFC designs are available having Manual overload protectors.

LEESON Instant Reversing Motors Part Numbers:

LEESON 191742.00
LEESON 100802.00
LEESON 103460.00
LEESON 191743.00
LEESON 113642.00
LEESON 102017.00
LEESON 102021.00
LEESON 100704.00T
LEESON 114932.00
LEESON 114933.00
LEESON 6439191250
LEESON 6439191251
LEESON 6439191252
LEESON 6439191253
LEESON 6439191260
LEESON 6439191261
LEESON 6439191262
LEESON 6439191263
LEESON 6439191264



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