LEESON JM Pump Motors

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LEESON JM Pump Motors

LEESON JM Pump Motors

For use with close-coupled pumps where the pump impeller is mounted directly on the motor shaft in environments that are relatively clean and dry.

General Specifications:

  • Use with close-coupled pumps having NEMA JM mounting dimensions
  • Continuous Duty service
  • 1.15 Service Factor rating
  • Mechanically locked bearing – shaft-end limits axial shaft movement
  • UL and C.S.A recognized
  • Quiet operation through “Super Hush” flow-through ventilation system
  • Class F insulation

Ratings:  ODP Designs

ODPRigid base3450 RPM230V2 – 10 HP
ODPRigid base1740 RPM230V1 – 10 HP

LEESON JM Pump Motors Part Numbers:

LEESON 120996.00I
LEESON 120994.00I
LEESON 121190.00I
LEESON 120995.00I
LEESON 132073.00
LEESON 131640.00I
LEESON 131604.00
LEESON 131641.00I
LEESON 131605.00I
LEESON 140642.00I
LEESON 140665.00I
LEESON 140644.00I
LEESON 140666.00I
LEESON G121850.00
LEESON G121851.00
LEESON G121853.00
LEESON G121852.00
LEESON G121854.00
LEESON G131574.00
LEESON G131562.00
LEESON G131563.00
LEESON G131576.00
LEESON G140618.00
LEESON G141121.00
LEESON G140619.00
LEESON G151380.60
LEESON G151361.60
LEESON G151381.60
LEESON G151362.60
LEESON G151382.60
LEESON G801028.00
LEESON G801040.00
LEESON G801029.00
LEESON G801041.00
LEESON G801030.00
LEESON G801042.00
LEESON 175004.00
LEESON 175932.00
LEESON 175933.00
LEESON 175695.00
LEESON G121855.00
LEESON G121858.00
LEESON G121856.00
LEESON G121859.00
LEESON G121857.00
LEESON G121860.00
LEESON G131579.00
LEESON G131580.00
LEESON G131581.00
LEESON G131582.00
LEESON G132027.00
LEESON G140622.00
LEESON G141122.00
LEESON G140623.00
LEESON G140764.00
LEESON G151567.60
LEESON G151568.60
LEESON G151569.60
LEESON G151570.60
LEESON G151417.60
LEESON G151418.60
LEESON G151420.60
LEESON G151422.60
LEESON G151424.60
LEESON G151426.60
LEESON G151736.60
LEESON G151737.60
LEESON G151738.60
LEESON G151739.60
LEESON G151740.60
LEESON G151741.60
LEESON G151742.60
LEESON G151743.60
LEESON G151744.60
LEESON G151745.60
LEESON G151746.60
LEESON G151747.60
LEESON G151748.60
LEESON G151749.60
LEESON G151750.60
LEESON G151751.60
LEESON G151752.60
LEESON G151753.60
LEESON G151754.60
LEESON G151755.60
LEESON G151756.60



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