LEESON Parallel Shaft – PZ Series AC Gearmotors

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LEESON Parallel Shaft – PZ Series AC Gearmotors

LEESON Parallel Shaft – PZ Series AC Gearmotors

General Specifications:
  • Totally enclosed designs for continuous duty applications
  • Permanent Split capacitor designs
  • Lubrication by semi-fluid grease
  • Output shafts utilize needle bearings for high load capacities
  • Shafts are hardened Steel
Application Notes:
These gearmotors are designed for mounting at any angle, but shaft up with motor below should be avoided to prevent leakage of lubricant into the motor should the motor’s shaft seal fail. Gear-head damage may occur if gearmotor is stalled, especially in the ratios of 60:1 or higher. Overhung load capacities shown are at center of output shaft. Model PZ gearmotors have the same mounting dimensions as Bodine model D and Z gearmotors, Bison 100 gearmotors, and Baldor/Boehm PSS, plus many of the Dayton brand gearmotors.
Available Ratings: TEFC – 115 Volt – 1.0 Service Factor

Output RPMF.L. Torque (In.Lbs.)Input HPRatio to 1Over-hung Load (Lb.)

LEESON Parallel Shaft – PZ Series AC Gearmotors Part Numbers:

LEESON M1125050.00
LEESON M1125127.00
LEESON M1125128.00
LEESON M1125129.00
LEESON M1125130.00
LEESON M1125131.00
LEESON M1125132.00
LEESON M1125133.00

SUB FHP Parallel Shaft

LEESON 096000.00
LEESON 096001.00
LEESON 096002.00
LEESON 096003.00
LEESON 096004.00
LEESON 096005.00
LEESON 096006.00 A
LEESON 096007.00 A
LEESON 096008.00
LEESON 096009.00
LEESON 096010.00 A
LEESON 096011.00
LEESON 096049.00
LEESON 096050.00
LEESON 096051.00
LEESON 096052.00 A
LEESON 096013.00
LEESON 096014.00
LEESON 096015.00
LEESON 096016.00




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