LEESON Three Phase JP Pump Motors

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LEESON Three Phase JP Pump Motors

LEESON Three Phase JP Pump Motors

For use with close-coupled pumps where the pump impeller is mounted directly to the motor shaft in environments that are relatively clean and dry.
General Specifications:
  • Use with close-coupled pumps having NEMA JP mounting dimensions
  • Continuous Duty service
  • 1.15 Service Factor rating
  • Mechanically locked bearing – shaft-end limits axial shaft movement
  • UL and C.S.A recognized
  • Class F insulation

ODPRigid base3450 RPM230/460V3 – 50 HP
ODPRigid base1725 RPM230/460V1.5 – 40 HP

LEESON Three Phase JP Pump Motors Part Numbers:

LEESON 121846
LEESON 121847
LEESON 121849
LEESON 131882
LEESON 131884
LEESON 131883
LEESON 131885
LEESON 140667
LEESON 140655
LEESON 140668
LEESON 140656
LEESON 801051
LEESON 801056
LEESON 801052
LEESON 801057
LEESON 801053
LEESON 801058
LEESON 801054
LEESON 801059
LEESON 801055
LEESON 801060



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