LEESON Three Phase Stainless Steel Motors

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LEESON Three Phase Stainless Steel Motors

LEESON Three Phase Stainless Steel Motors

Mechanical Protection Features:
  • All exterior components are 300-Series stainless steel
  • Protech Bearing isolator used for the output shaft seal
  • Double Lip Viton shaft seal used on non-drive output shaft on TEFC motors
  • Minimal exterior fasteners due to no through-bolt design and screw on conduit box covers reduces surface areas that may trap contaminants
  • Double-sealed bearings are pre-lubricated with moisture resistant, high temperature grease for long life
  • Rotor/Cartridge, “Q-CAR,” design for quick access to bearings
  • O-ring sealed openings on conduit box covers and Rotor/Cartridge cover
  • Rigid Cast Base for rugged applications
  • Conduit box lead hole location Rota table on TEFC designs
  • Full fact nameplate is laser etched to the motor frame making frame surface smooth, which eliminates areas that trap contaminants
  • Ease of clean construction is BISSC certified for bakery applications and motors meet Pharmaceutical Duty specifications
Electrical Performance and Protection Features:
  • Motors meet EPACT mandates for non-exempt motors when tested without shaft seals
  • Total winding encapsulation using an Epoxy Resin.
  • LEESON’s exclusive IRIS™ Inverter-Rated Insulation System provides extra protection and long life, especially when used in applications driven by an Inverter.
Standards and Approvals:
  • Motors are UL component recognized – file number E57948, guide number PRGY2
  • CSA Energy Efficiency Verification Program, report number EEV 78720-1
  • Construction is CSA Certified for safety, report number LR33543 and listed under BISSC authorization number 769
Ratings: Both Rigid Base and C-Face less Base

Horsepower1/2 to 21/2 to 2
Speed (RPM)36001800

LEESON Three Phase Stainless Steel Motors Part Numbers:

LEESON 103411.00
LEESON 117119.00
LEESON 117120.00
LEESON 117121.00
LEESON 103412.00
LEESON 117122.00
LEESON 117123.00
LEESON 121879.00
LEESON G121748.00
LEESON 117296.00
LEESON 121880.00
LEESON G121749.00
LEESON G121739.00
LEESON 121881.00
LEESON 117299.00
LEESON 121882.00
LEESON G121740.00
LEESON 103417.00
LEESON 117126.00
LEESON 103418.00
LEESON 103413.00
LEESON 117127.00
LEESON 117128.00
LEESON 103414.00
LEESON 117129.00
LEESON 117130.00
LEESON 117131.00
LEESON 121908.00
LEESON 121750.00
LEESON 117297.00
LEESON 121751.00
LEESON 121909.00
LEESON 121910.00
LEESON 121742.00
LEESON 121911.00
LEESON 121743.00
LEESON 117298.00
LEESON 117118.00



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