LEESON WASHGUARD Ratio Multipliers

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LEESON WASHGUARD Ratio Multipliers

LEESON WASHGUARD Ratio Multipliers

Grove Gear ratio multipliers are available with ratings up to 20 HP. Compact in size, the versatile units allow users to increase torque and efficiency. Its dual purpose design can be used as a stand-alone single reduction inline reducer or as a bolt-on to the input of any c-faced gear reducer to multiply overall reduction ratio.

Adding a white, BISSC certified epoxy finish to the ratio multilier provides superior durability in wet environments and resistance caustic cleaning solutions.  With WASHGUARD® features the ratio multipliers are ideal for food service and other wet or humid conditions.

  • Three sizes available in cast iron with ratings to 20 HP and ratios from 2:1 to 7.5:1
  • Increases torque and efficiency as a primary drive
  • Double lip seals
  • Factory filled with lubricant
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Mounts in any position
  • Will accept any C-Face motor
  • Will bolt to any C-Face reducer
  • Increases inventory flexibility

LEESON WASHGUARD Ratio Multipliers Part Numbers:

LEESON 707000L
LEESON 707001L
LEESON 707002L
LEESON 707003L
LEESON 707004L
LEESON 707005L
LEESON 707006L
LEESON 707007L
LEESON 707008L
LEESON 707009L
LEESON 707012L
LEESON 707013L
LEESON 707032L
LEESON 707033L
LEESON 707050L
LEESON 707051L
LEESON 707016L
LEESON 707017L
LEESON 707036L
LEESON 707037L
LEESON 707052L
LEESON 707053L
LEESON 707020L
LEESON 707021L
LEESON 707040L
LEESON 707041L
LEESON 707054L
LEESON 707055L
LEESON 707024L
LEESON 707025L
LEESON 707044L
LEESON 707045L
LEESON 707056L
LEESON 707057L
LEESON 707028L
LEESON 707029L
LEESON 707048L
LEESON 707049L
LEESON 707058L
LEESON 707059L
LEESON 707132L
LEESON 707117L
LEESON 707087L
LEESON 707130L
LEESON 707129L
LEESON 707115L
LEESON 707114L
LEESON 707112L
LEESON 707111L
LEESON 707085L
LEESON 707084L
LEESON 707082L
LEESON 707081L
LEESON 707127L
LEESON 707126L



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