LEESON Woodworking Motors

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LEESON Woodworking Motors

LEESON Woodworking Motors

Motors are designed for woodworking equipment such as lathes, table saws, planers etc…  Totally enclosed designs prevent motor problems caused by wood dust and shavings.
Ratings: 3450 RPM

Rigid Base¾- 3 HP115/230 VoltTEFCManual Protected56 – 145T Frame
C-Face Less Base3 HP230 VoltTEFCManual Protected145TC Frame

LEESON Woodworking Motors Part Numbers:

LEESON 120341.00
LEESON 120395.00
LEESON 110402.00
LEESON 110109.00
LEESON 110142.00
LEESON 110108.00
LEESON 120824.00



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