Stearns Clutches and Brakes

Stearns Product Information

• Spring set electrically released brakes for IEC and NEMA frame size motors
• Brakes for both closed coupled mounting, fan guard mounting and double C-face designs
to fit between a motor and gearbox
• Brakes specifically designed to produce high torque in a compact package for servo motors
• Commercial duty brakes for small gearmotor applications
• Specialty Brakes for special and unusual applications
• Brakes with a variety of enclosure and other options to meet every application need
• Complete line of packaged clutches, brakes and clutch-brakes to mount to motor sizes 48C through 250TC
• Electrically set clutches for shaft mounting application include clutch couplings
and thru-shaft versions for parallel shaft applications
• Heavy Duty clutches, both electrically set and sprint set for high torque, low cycle applications
Miscellaneous Brake and Clutch Products
• Full line of rectifiers for use with AAB style dc brakes
• Industrial solenoids for specialty applications
• Adaptor kits to facilitate mounting brakes to larger or smaller NEMA frame motors
• Foot mounting kits for mounting brakes somewhere in the power transmission system other than on a motor
Switches for Single Phase Motors – SINPAC
• Completely electronic switch to replace the mechanical switch and rotating actuator mechanism
in single phase motors
• Universal design will work at 50 Hz and 60Hz and will work on 2, 4 or 6 pole motors
• No modifications or changes are required for line voltage variations.
SINPAC switches are not susceptible to brown-outs or low voltage conditions
• Transient protection per ANSI / IEEE C62.41-1991 category 3
• Switches for split phase, capacitor start, capacitor start / capacitor run and instant reversing motors
• Typical brake modifications for special application requirements