Stober SMS EK-ED C Helical Geared Motor

Stober SMS EK-ED C Helical Geared Motor

Stober SMS EK-ED C Helical Geared Motor

We provide all Stober Helical Gearboxes such as Stober Helical Bevel Gear Motors, Stober Helical Worm Geared Motors, Stober Planetary Geared Motors and Stober Rack and Pinion Drives.

Stober SMS EK-ED C Helical Geared Motor

Different housing designs offer a multitude of mounting options Shown here: Square flange version:

Gear sizes: C0 – C9
Stall torque: 2.7 – 5002 Nm
Gear ratio range: 2 – 270
Acceleration torque:
10 – 6500 Nm
Backlash: = 10 – 20 arcmin

Model # Stober Geared Motors

Stober C002_0700 ED213U
Stober C002_0620 ED213U
Stober C002_0560 ED213U
Stober C002_0500 ED213U
Stober C002_0470 ED213U
Stober C002_0470 ED302U
Stober C002_0047 ED213U
Stober C002_0058 ED401U
Stober C102_0700 ED302U
Stober C102_0620 ED302U
Stober C102_0620 ED303U
Stober C102_0033 ED704U
Stober C202_0310 ED401U
Stober C202_0310 EK501U
Stober C202_0350 ED402U
Stober C202_0610 ED401U
Stober C202_0120 EK702U
Stober C302_0083 EK702U
Stober C302_0083 EK703U
Stober C302_0083 ED704U
Stober C302_0083 ED706U
Stober C302_0078 EK702U
Stober C402_0280 EK501U
Stober C402_0280 EK502U
Stober C402_0280 ED503U
Stober C502_0250 ED706U
Stober C502_0230 EK702U
Stober C502_0230 EK703U
Stober C502_0230 ED704U
Stober C613_0980 EK702U
Stober C613_0630 EK702U
Stober C712_0350 EK703U
Stober C712_0570 ED706U
Stober C712_0350 ED706U
Stober C813_0790 EK702U
Stober C813_0790 EK703U
Stober C813_0780 EK803U
Stober C813_0780 ED806U
Stober C813_0490 ED808U
Stober C913_0900 EK803U
Stober C913_0900 ED806U

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